「JobTribes」 Quiz Week#2Correct answer announcement


Quiz week has ended successfully!

Thank you to everyone who took part!

The prize money will be distributed on September 15th! 

Please exchange the PALEcoin that you obtained on payday!


Question 1

A “PlayMining ID”
obtained by a user registering their e-mail address.
Which of the following is a “PlayMining ID”?

A. jtquizbigfan@gmail. com
B. whpvnK6AxjdKwdDFY1BGE0YA6nJ3
C. 0x123456789109876Z54321c10A38257347dbee97a

B. whpvnK6AxjdKwdDFY1BGE0YA6nJ3

A “PlayMining ID” is the only one important ID associated with your property.
It is issued by registering an e-mail address, but it is not an e-mail address.
Also, the wallet address for receiving DEP and Digital Art starts with “0x”.
The wallet address is not a “PlayMining ID”.
A “PlayMining ID” is a 28-digit alphanumeric character that is displayed by pressing the menu icon in the upper right corner of the Digital Art Auction.
When answering the quiz, it is necessary to enter the PlayMining ID correctly, so be careful not to make a mistake!

Question 2

PlayMining platform contents “PlayMining Puzzle x JobTribes”, which will be launched soon as the second instalment.
What are the features of utilizing blockchain?

A. JobTribes Digital Art can be used as an item
B. The history of the puzzle gameplay will be saved without being tampered with.
C. You can freely set the clearing conditions to disperse.

A. JobTribes Digital Art can be used as an item

In “PlayMining Puzzle x JobTribes” the Digital Art that was sold in connection with the game “JobTribes” can be used as a game item.
Blockchain enables digital data to be used across different games.
Digital Art is an asset with “eternal value”, and its value will increase as game content increases in the future.
Please think about the future and get Digital Art!

Question 3

Questions from the Battle of JobTribes!
When you continue the battle, it may switch to a slightly scary background music and background.
Why does this happen?

A. Half of your amulet was destroyed
B. You exceeded a certain number of turns
C. Your enemy used “Loan”

C. Your enemy used “Loan”

Currently, it is a battle with a computer, but the computer is also fighting under the same conditions as the user.
If the budget is reduced, the enemy computer may also exercise the right to use “Loan”, as its skills will not be available to use.
The battlefield switches to a scary background and background music when “Loan” is used, whether it is used by the user or by the enemy.
Let’s improve our skills against the computer opponent until the interpersonal battles scheduled to be implemented after autumn starts!

Question 4

The third ranking match will be held on September 15th!
Once again, we will be looking forward to a fierce battle for the winning prize of 500,000 DEP!
In what country was the second winner user from?

A. Japan
B. Indonesia
C. Taiwan

B. Indonesia

The 2nd winner was ikydesu from Indonesia!
You won’t be able to know which country the user is from looking at the game information, but I think it was an easy question for users who checked PlayMining TV or Twitter/Facebook!
Which country’s user will win in the 3rd round!?
We will also be holding a voting project, so please look forward to it!

Question 5

Questions about Digital Art which will be on sale today!
In the description of the “Crab Fisherman” on sale at the Digital Art Auction,
what words go in [?????]

“It’s easy! All you gotta do is pull up crates. If there are crabs in there, you make money.
Oh, [?????] ” – An Alaskan Crabber

A. all you need is your physical strength
B. you have a crab allergy!?
C. and you have to stay up for 40 days in a row. See? Easy!

C. and you have to stay up for 40 days in a row. See? Easy!

The text that explains Job Lord’s is called “flavor text”.
You can enjoy many different content so please check it out!

Question 6

Questions about Digital Art which will be on sale today!
In the description of the “Assassin” on sale at the Digital Art Auction,
what words go in [?????]

“They are the most feared in [?????]. Originally, their job is to kill people, but they have become even stronger as a Job Lord” (Chi Rugal/Secretary of Doctor)

A. Dark Worker Tribes
B. Job World
C. JobTribes

A. Dark Worker Tribes

“Dark Worker Tribes” is set in the “Job Tribes” game but is a different world from “Job World”, and the people who live there play the role of “Job Lord in the profession of doing evil”.
They appear in the manga and story mode as the so-called “villain”.
The battle between the protagonist Nitto and the Dark Worker Tribes will be intense and dramatic!
Please stay tuned!

Question 7

A very difficult question for the final day!!
What did ikydesu, the second winner of the ranking game, buy with the prize money of 500,000 DEP?

A. A legendary Digital Art
B. A Motorbike
C. A ring for his wife

B. Motorbike

ikydesu’s hobby is riding a motorbike.
He appeared on PlayMining TV, broadcasted on September 2nd, where he happily shared with us how he used his prize money!
PlayMining TV, which has been well received every Wednesday, will give you the latest information on the JobTribes game and special gift plans, so be sure to check it out!


*DEAPcoin is not available for sale to residents of Japan.