Special PvP CUP Bouquet Toss! Announcement!


We will be holding the “Special PvP CUP Bouquet Toss!” where amulets related to will be weddings significantly strengthened!

【Special PvP CUP Bouquet Toss!】
■Event Period: Saturday, July 6, 2024 11:00 – Saturday, July 6, 2024 22:59 (UTC+8)
■Results Announcement: Wednesday, July 17
※The PvP schedule is subject to change without notice.

【Ticket System】
A special ticket is required to participate in PvP.
One ticket is consumed per PvP battle.

<Types of Tickets>
・Free PvP Ticket: Obtainable through login bonuses, etc.
・Number of Free PvP Tickets Distributed: 50 tickets
・Price of Premium PvP Ticket: 110 DEAPcoin
・Premium PvP Ticket: Purchase at the item shop

【Class System】
There are 6 classes: Class 0, Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, Class 4, and Class 5.
Classes change based on PvP points, which increase or decrease with wins and losses.
Reaching higher classes unlocks rewards, and the higher the class, the more luxurious the rewards.
※Reward acquisition is once per class, per season.
※There are no rewards for reaching Class 0.

【PvP Points Required for Class Up】
Class 0: 0 – 499
Class 1: 500 – 1499
Class 2: 1500 – 2999
Class 3: 3000 – 4999
Class 4: 5000 – 6999
Class 5: 7000 – 99999

【Rewards for Reaching Each Class】
Class 1: Elixir, 999 of each gem
Class 2: 3 RARE Limit BreakthroughItems (Fire, Water, Nature)
Class 3: 3 EPIC Limit Breakthrough Items (Fire, Water, Nature),Amulet Select Ticket (Epic, Rare, Common)
Class 4: Amulet Select Ticket (Legendary)
Class 5: 2 Amulet Select Tickets (Legendary)

【Amulet Formation Cost】
Amulets have costs according to their rarity, and decks exceeding the total cost limit cannot participate in PvP.
The total cost limit may vary for each PvP event.

<Cost of Each Amulet>

Common 1 1
Rare 3 2
Epic 6 4
Legendary 10 8

<Special Rules>
・HP and healing effects of all amulets are doubled.
・Amulets in NFT status receive further status boosts.
・Cannot use “Support” or “Debt” for the first 3 turns.
・Rankings are based on PvP points collected during the event.
・Deck total cost limit: “40”
・Some NFTs and amulets will receive further enhancements to their abilities.

<Significant Status Enhancement>
◆【Bride of the Azure Sea】Navigator (Poison)
◆【Weaver of the Red Thread】Web Artisan (Fire)
◆Wedding Consultant (Water)
◆Dress Coordinator (Fire)
◆Flower Coordinator (Nature)
◆Hair and Makeup Artist (Thunder)

<Minor Status Enhancement>
◆French Chef (Nature)
◆Flower Designer (Fire)
◆Flower Designer (Earth)
◆Wedding Coordinator (Earth)
◆Cook (Fire)
◆Cook (Poison)

<NFT Ownership Bonus>
◆Increased PvP Point Acquisition Bonus:
If you have NFTs eligible for the bonus in your deck,
the number of PvP points you can earn when winning battles will increase according to the number of NFTs arranged.

<Bonus Subjects>
【Bride of the Azure Sea】Navigator (Poison)
【Weaver of the Red Thread】Web Artisan (Fire)
Wedding Consultant (Water)
Dress Coordinator (Fire)
Flower Coordinator (Nature)
Hair and Makeup Artist (Thunder)
French Chef (Nature)
Flower Designer (Fire)
Flower Designer (Earth)
Wedding Coordinator (Earth)
Cook (Fire)
Cook (Poison)

1st: 1,000,000 DEAPcoin
2nd: 500,000 DEAPcoin
3rd: 300,000 DEAPcoin
4th to 10th Place: 200,000 DEAPcoin
11th – 50th Place: 80,000 DEAPcoin
51st – 100th Place: 20,000 DEAPcoin
101st – 500th Place: 2,500 DEAPcoin
501st – 1000th Place: 400 DEAPcoin
Participation Prize: 50,000 PALEcoin

Round Number Prize: 200th, 300th, 400th, 500th, 600th, 700th, 800th, 900th, 1000th
→ Recruitment Material (Gem) 500pcs x 4 colors

[Amulet Select Ticket Exchange Deadline]
Saturday, July 6, 2024 11:00 – Wednesday, July 10, 2024 10:59 (UTC+8)