Conquer Quest!


[About Conquer Quest]
In JobTribes, while the JobLords are lords governing benevolent careers, there exist malevolent lords who utilize their overflowing power for their ambitions and desires.
The “Conquer Quest” is a high-difficulty quest that challenges players to conquer such powerful malevolent gods, referred to as “Bosses”.
To clear the quest, you must defeat the Boss within a designated number of turns. Since the Boss employs extremely potent skills and hindering gimmicks, deploying ANOTHER NFTs tailored to counter these gimmicks is crucial for success.

[Special Rules of Conquer Quest]
・Formulate and deploy three decks.
・Only NFTs and amulets owned by the player can be deployed.
・Number of daily challenge attempts: 3 times.
※Please note that you cannot attempt the quest unless you have a minimum of 18 amulets.
NFTs and amulets borrowed via scholarship cannot be deployed.
The number of challenge attempts resets with each in-game date change.

[Event Duration]
From June 19, 2024 (Wed) after maintenance ~ June 26, 2024 (Wed) 10:59 (UTC+8)

[Formation Regulations]
・No upper limit on the total cost of decks.
・No restrictions on specific rarity or attribute compositions.

<Boss Conquer Reward>
Conquer Quest consists of three stages of difficulty: “NORMAL”, “HARD”, and “SUPER HARD”. Each stage offers a certain amount of DEAPcoin as a “Conquer Reward”. Clearing each stage grants the right to receive the “Conquer Reward”, which will be distributed equally among all clearing users after the quest’s event period ends.

<Reward Details>

Stage Conquer Reward
NORMAL 3,000,000 DEAPcoin
HARD 7,000,000 DEAPcoin
SUPER HARD 9,000,000 DEAPcoin

<Reward Distribution>
Scheduled for July 10 (Wednesday)

<Ranking Rewards>
In Conquer Quest, a score is calculated based on the battle results for each quest attempt.
Ranking rewards are obtained by competing for the highest score earned with these scores.

1. Rankings Based on Stages
The conquer quest consists of three stages for each difficulty level of “Normal”, “Hard”, and “SuperHard”,
and there is a ranking for each stage to compete for the highest score.

※Each player can enter only one “Quest-specific ranking” and earn rewards.
When moving to a higher difficulty ranking, you will not be able to participate in lower rankings.
ex) If you are participating in the “Normal” stage ranking and challenge “Hard” even once,
you will be removed from the “Normal” ranking and participate in the “Hard” ranking.

<Contents of Reward>
– Boss Amulet
– Limit Break Item
– Training Material (Artifact)
– Training Material (Sand)
– Recruitment Material (Stone)
– Elixir
※Please check the details in the game.

<Reward Distribution>
Scheduled for July 10 (Wednesday)

2.Overall Ranking
This is a ranking where all players who have challenged the conquer quest and earned scores are registered.
In the overall ranking, players compete by totaling the best scores obtained in each stage of difficulty.

<Reward Details>
1st Place: 150,000 DEAPcoin
2nd Place: 100,000 DEAPcoin
3rd Place: 50,000 DEAPcoin
4th-10th Place: 20,000 DEAPcoin
11th – 50th Place: 5,000 DEAPcoin
51st – 100th Place: 2,500 DEAPcoin
101st – 500th Place: 1,000 DEAPcoin
501st – 1000th Place: 250 DEAPcoin

<Reward Distribution>
Scheduled for July 10 (Wednesday)