JobTribes 4th Anniversary Main Festival to be held!!


JobTribes celebrates its 4th anniversary in May 2024!
As a token of our appreciation to the users who have been playing JobTribes regularly, we are conducting special event!

① 4th Anniversary Special Login Bonus:

A special login bonus commemorating the 4th anniversary. Make sure to log in during the event period to collect various items!

【Login Bonus Period】
May 30 (Thu) 08:00 – June 13 (Thu) 07:59 2024 (UTC+8)

【Distribution Items】
Day 1: Achi Achi Taurus-chan(Fire)×1, Ice Fang’s Twin Flash (Poison)×1, Premium PvP Ticket ×10, Elixir Grande ×1
Day 2: Mini-Mino-chan’s (Earth)×1, Droplet Strike Force (Nature)×1, Premium PvP Ticket ×10, Elixir Grande ×1
Day 3: Sands of Vitality ×500, Sands of Conversation ×500, Sands of Technique ×500, Elixir Grande ×1
Day 4: Sands of Knowledge ×500, Sands of Aesthetics ×500, Sands of Creation ×500, Elixir Grande ×1
Day 5: Amulet Select Ticket×1

★Almost all amulets can be exchanged with the Amulet Select Ticket.
※Some collaboration amulets and others are not eligible for exchange.

【Exchange Period for Amulet Select Ticket】
May 23 (Thu) 08:00 – June 19 (Wed) 10:59 2024 (UTC+8)

②Four-Times Only NFT Acquisition Quest

A special quest available only four times during the event period to win NFTs.
This quest ensures an NFT reward, so take this chance and challenge it!

【Event Period】
May 29 (Wed) After maintenance – June 12 (Wed) 10:59 2024 (UTC+8)

【Quest Price】
■10,000 DEP
※ To challenge the quest, you need to purchase tickets from the item shop in advance.

【NFT to be acquired】
【Guide of the Firestorm】Rika (Thunder) 0.4%
【Guide of the Frigid Soul】 Kiri (Water) 0.4%
【Passionate Guide】Rika (Fire) 0.2%
【Calm Guide】Kiri (Water) 0.2%
【3rd Anniv】Rika&Kiri (Fire) 0.1%

Achi Achi Taurus-chan (Fire) 3.0%
Ice Fang’s Twin Flash (Poison) 3.0%
Ring Toss Stand Vendor (Thunder) 1.1%
Scare Actress (Poison) 1.1%
Web3 Community Manager (Nature) 1.1%

Grieving Villager who Lost to the Path of Asura (Poison) 7.2%
Assassin Villager who Dwells in the Shadows (Nature) 7.2%
Zoo Keeper (Nature) 5%
DEP Trader (Water) 5%
DEP Trader (Earth) 5%

Mini-Mino-chan’s (Earth) 10.0%
Droplet Strike Force (Nature) 10.0%
Elderly Male Villager (Thunder) 5.0%
Elderly Female Villager (Nature) 5.0%
Middle-aged Male Villager (Water) 5.0%
Middle-aged Female Villager (Fire) 5.0%
Young Male Villager (Earth) 5.0%
Young Female Villager (Poison) 5.0%
Child Male Villager (Water) 5.0%
Child Female Villager (Fire) 5.0%

-The list and probabilities of NFTs to be dropped will be based on the stock status at the start of the event.
-Since the NFTs to be dropped have limited stock, please be aware that they may run out of stock.
-In cases where the stock of NFTs runs out, the quest may end before the scheduled end of the event period.
-If the stock decreases, we may add more NFTs. In such cases, we will announce it through notifications or similar means.
※ It is possible to attempt only 4 times during the period.

③ Premium Recruitment “4th Anniversary Fest!”

To celebrate the 4th anniversary, JobTribes guides Rika & Kiri are making their debut as ANOTHER NFTs!
We will also be conducting a step-up campaign based on the challenge DEP amount.

【Event Period】
May 29 (Wed) After maintenance – June 12 (Wed) 10:59 2024 (UTC+8)
【Campaign Period】
May 29 (Wed) After maintenance – June 12 (Wed) 10:59 2024 (UTC+8)
*Details of this event will be announced at a later date.

④ Event Quest “Choose and Challenge! Rika vs. Kiri Ultra Battle Fest!”

A special event quest in celebration of JobTribes’ 4th anniversary.
2 teams will compete for ‘Fest Coins’!

【Event Period】
May 29 (Wed) After maintenance – June 12 (Wed) 10:59 2024 (UTC+8)
*Details of this event will be announced at a later date.

⑤ 4th Anniversary Battle Fest!

We’re holding the PvP CUP as the grand finale of our 4th anniversary event!

【Event Period】
June 8 (Sat) 11:00 – June 8 (Sat) 22:59 2024 (UTC+8)
*Details of this event will be announced at a later date.