About New Content “Conquer Quest” Vol.2


The new content “Conquer Quest” is scheduled for release on April 17th.
Continuing from last time, in this announcement, we will guide you about the rewards for the conquer quest.

[What is the Conquer Quest?]

In JobTribes, while the JobLords are lords governing benevolent careers, there exist malevolent lords who utilize their overflowing power for their ambitions and desires.
The “Conquer Quest” is a high-difficulty quest that challenges players to conquer such powerful malevolent gods, referred to as “Bosses”.

[Rewards for Conquer Quest]

There are two types of reward formats for the conquer quest, and both can be obtained by clearing the quest.

◆ Reward 1: Boss Conquer Reward
The conquer quest consists of three stages for each difficulty level of “Normal,” “Hard,” and “SuperHard,”
and a certain amount of DEAPcoin is set for each stage as “conquer reward.”
The “conquer reward” can be obtained by clearing each stage,
and after the quest period ends, it will be distributed evenly to all cleared users.

<Contents of Reward>
– DEAPcoin

*The image is under development.

◆ Reward 2: Ranking Reward
In the conquer quest, a score is calculated based on the battle results for each quest challenge.
The score is calculated based on various factors, and the total score is displayed as the score.
The ranking reward for the conquer quest competes for the highest score.

*The image is under development.

▼ Stage-by-Stage Ranking

The conquer quest consists of three stages for each difficulty level of “Normal,” “Hard,” and “SuperHard,”
and there is a ranking for each stage to compete for the highest score.

※Each player can participate in only one “quest-specific ranking” per person.
When moving to a higher difficulty ranking, you will not be able to participate in lower rankings.
ex) If you are participating in the “Normal” stage ranking and challenge “Hard” even once,
you will be removed from the “Normal” ranking and participate in the “Hard” ranking.

<Contents of Reward>
– Boss Amulet
– Limit Break Item
– Training Material (Artifact)
– Training Material (Sand)
– Recruitment Material (Stone)
– Elixir

▼ Overall Ranking

This is a ranking where all players who have challenged the conquer quest and earned scores are registered.
In the overall ranking, the total of the best scores obtained in each difficulty level stage is competed for.

<Contents of Reward>
– DEAPcoin

【Conquer Quests Gameplay Video】

We are pleased to announce the release of the gameplay video for the Conquer Quests β version.

Please note that the video is still under development.
※Only in Japanese.

Additionally, on April 10th (Wed) April 11th (Thu), we will be live-streaming our actual attempts at Conquer Quests on the DEPchannel. *Incorrect and has been corrected.
We will also be sharing the latest updates on other events. We hope you look forward to it.

In the next announcement, we will provide details about the beta version starting from April 17th and the Boss Amulet.