【April Fool】Launch of the New Villager IP Transformation Plan!


Thank you for always using JobTribes.
I am Higashikawa, the producer in charge of the Villager IP Transformation Plan.

Today, I am excited to share the progress of the “Villager IP Transformation Plan” which caused a great stir when we announced it last April, as well as our future roadmap.

Since the announcement last year, we have received a lot of expectations from users, along with various opinions and requests regarding the Villager IP Transformation Plan.
However, we find ourselves in an unprecedented situation where almost all projects on the roadmap have not yet started.
To the point where even Producer Higashi, and Assistant Producer Tanikawa, had moments of, “Oh, right, we had that going on.”

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused to our eagerly awaiting users.
The JobTribes management team has taken this situation seriously, and within the JobTribes management team, a special task force called “Villager IP Transformation Absolute Execution Department” has been launched.

This department has undertaken a revision of the roadmap, organizing our goals that were lost in the ‘anything goes’ attitude.
They have decided to prioritize the plan towards achieving the ultimate goal of transforming all humanity into Villager NFTs in the “Global Villager NFT Transformation Plan”.
The new roadmap involves significantly reducing the number of development items and focusing on experiments and projects that specialize in converting humans into NFTs.

In 2024, we plan to release a new app game, “Mira”.
“Mira” is a project that finds the intrinsic value of NFTs, which are unique and irreplaceable data, and experiments with converting people’s real experiences and lives into NFTs.
In the future, based on various data obtained from “Mira”, we aim to complete technology for long-term storage of humans as NFTs.

This announcement briefly introduces the project “Mira” and we hope you look forward to the “Villager IP Transformation Plan” that is finally getting underway with this project as the starting point.

We look forward to your continued support of JobTribes.