JobTribes NFTs Added to the Menya Dragon Ramen’s NFT Mixer Lottery Ticket!


Menya Dragon Ramen now includes JobTribes NFTs as a new option for the NFT Mixer Lottery Ticket consumption.
The NFT Mixer Lottery allows players to use multiple NFT Mixer Lottery Tickets to win Menya Dragon Ramen’s NFTs.
NFT Mixer Lottery Tickets can be acquired in the game of Menya Dragon Ramen through the consumption (hereinafter referred to as NFT Burn) of JobTribes and Menya Dragon Ramen NFTs.

■Additional Information When Burning JobTribes NFTs:
-JobTribes NFTs used for NFT Burn at Menya Dragon Ramen will be removed from PlayMining NFT and become unusable thereafter.
-If you burn multiple NFTs that have a positive modifier, the positive modifier of the NFTs will decrease by the number of NFTs used.
-If you perform an NFT Burn before obtaining the amulet from the first-time NFT acquisition bonus, you will not be able to get the amulet (it can be obtained again upon re-acquisition).
-NFTs that are being lent out or borrowed through a scholarship cannot be used for NFT Burn.
-NFTs listed on PlayMining NFT cannot be used for NFT Burn.
-Only certain JobTribes NFTs can be used for NFT Burn.

For more details on the NFT Mixer Lottery, please check the following link:

*NFT Burn in Menya Dragon Ramen can be performed via the “Home” > “Employees” > “NFT Employee Transfer” > “JobTribes” tab.
*The NFT Mixer Lottery will be available for a limited time only.