About the New “Conquer Quest” Content Vol.1


The new “Conquer Quest” content is scheduled for release on April 17.
In this announcement, we’ll provide an overview of the quest’s features.

[What is the Conquer Quest?]

In JobTribes, while the JobLords are lords governing benevolent careers, there exist malevolent lords who utilize their overflowing power for their ambitions and desires.
The “Conquer Quest” is a high-difficulty quest that challenges players to defeat such powerful malevolent gods, referred to as “Bosses”.

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[Features of the Conquer Quest]

◆ Feature 1: Defeating Powerful Bosses
The goal in a Conquer Quest is to defeat the Boss within a predetermined number of turns.
Bosses wield very powerful skills and interference gimmicks, necessitating strategic deck composition and skill selection.

<Boss Interference Gimmick “Field”>
Bosses in “Conquer Quest” activate a gimmick known as “Field” to impede player progress.
Interference fields can cause allied amulets taking actions to become afflicted with status anomalies at a certain probability.

<”Traits” of ANOTHER NFT>
ANOTHER NFTs feature “Traits” that can reduce the impact of fields.
Having them in your deck activates their effects during battle, thus strategically incorporating ANOTHER NFTs into your attack deck becomes crucial for countering gimmicks.

◆ Feature 2: Deck Composition, Consecutive Battles Against the Boss
For the Conquer Quest, you prepare three decks for the challenge.
Each quest comes with its own set of regulations, making strategic deck composition essential.

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<Consecutive Battles with Three Decks>
You battle with three sequentially deployed decks in a single challenge.
If a deck is defeated, the next one takes over with the health of the enemy amulet carried over.
If all three decks are defeated, it results in a “Defeat”.

<Amulet Composition Conditions>
-You need 18 amulets to form three decks.
-It’s possible to include amulets not owned as NFTs in your composition.
-Only NFTs/amulets you own can be used in your composition.

<Composition Regulations for Each Event>
“Conquer Quests” will have varying composition regulations for each event.

-There may be a composition cost limit.
-There may be attribute-based composition restrictions.
*Note: Regulations are subject to change without prior notice as they are still under development.

In the next announcement, we will cover the rewards for the “Conquer Quest” and introduce new amulets that will be featured.