Regarding Various Changes and Adjustments in PvP


Thank you always for playing JobTribes.

Starting from the special PvP CUP Sweet Battle Kitchen to be held on March 9, we will make the following adjustments in PvPs:

〇The basic PvP event days will be changed from Thursday to Saturday.
While we have continued to hold it on Thursdays to quickly address any unexpected issues, we have determined that stable operation is possible and will change it to weekends to make it easier for our users to play the game.

〇The PvP event duration will be changed from 24 hours to 12 hours.
By shortening the event duration, we aim to increase the frequency of player matchups and alleviate the situation where long hours of play are necessary to aim for the top rankings.

〇In PvP events where specific amulets’ statuses are enhanced, we will slightly increase the enhancement multiplier for Legendary.
Previously, the enhancement multiplier was adjusted to match the statuses of the eligible amulets being enhanced to a certain standard, but we will adjust to prevent environments where Epic passive skills, etc., frequently surpass Legendary in performance.

We look forward to your continued support of JobTribes.