Thank you always for playing JobTribes. I am Higashi, the producer of JobTribes.
First, let me report on the reward adjustments we’ve previously mentioned. The adjustment of NFT Quest rewards aims to promote the health of the JobTribes economy. However, the current reward balance in JobTribes is still not in its ideal state. The results of the adjustments made to the NFT Quest rewards have led to an increase in DEAPcoin token prices, contributing to the health of the JobTribes economy. Additionally, the increase in the reward ratio for PvP and lottery events has led to an increase in active users and revitalization of each content.

We will continue to operate NFT Quests as one of the pillars of JobTribes, but in order to further promote a healthy ecosystem, we will continue to adjust the reward balance of each content. At the same time, we are aware of the opinions and criticisms that have arisen due to this reward adjustment. Along with adjusting the amount of DEAPcoin rewards for NFT Quests, we understand that the lack of clarity in game development policies and the drop in DEP-based floor prices of NFTs have caused concern among users who continue to hold NFTs with expectations for JobTribes.

To improve this situation, we are considering the following measures:
<Expansion of PvP Platform and Hosting Major PvP Tournaments>
We will implement private rooms where players can easily engage in PvP. Moreover, we will host major PvP tournaments seasonally using this feature.

<Implementation of a PvP Support System>
We will implement a system that allows users to support top players during major PvP tournaments. This aims to provide a gaming experience where all users can participate and enhance the excitement of PvP.

<Regulation System>
A system where battles are conducted using specified amulets and NFTs set for each season. This aims to improve strategic depth and create an environment where new users can easily participate.

<NFT Burn Feature>
To increase the value of all NFTs, we will implement an NFT Burn feature. In addition to stabilizing floor prices, new items introduced through NFT Burn aim to further enhance strategic depth and gaming experience.

These measures are being planned with consideration of the overall development resources of the PlayMining business, and the planning order is currently being adjusted.

As for our immediate development plans, we will first deliver the currently in-development Conquer Quests to our users in March. Following that, we will make significant revisions to the NFT Quests. This will change the NFT Quests into something more enjoyable as a game, allowing for the acquisition of various training items other than DEAPcoin and increasing the chances of earning DEAPcoin.

Additionally, NFTs with abilities advantageous for NFT Quests are planned to appear every season. By incorporating these NFTs into your deck, you can excel in quests and expect to earn additional DEAPcoin rewards. We are in the process of creating content that requires strategic depth and will become more profound, so please wait a little longer.

At the same time, we will address the fundamental resolution of ongoing bugs, PvP matchmaking issues, and game stabilization to solidify our foundation. As JobTribes approaches its 4th anniversary in May this year, we aim to stabilize the economy and improve the game cycle and gaming experience, creating an environment where users can enjoy the game with peace of mind. We will continue to operate steadily towards this goal.

Finally, we truly regret any worry or inconvenience caused by the delayed release of this producer’s letter and our operational updates. The entire team sincerely apologizes for this oversight.

We deeply appreciate your ongoing support for JobTribes and hope to continue earning it.