Specification Change for NFT Lending with Scholarships


Thank you for always using JobTribes.

We have confirmed the participation of PvP with multiple accounts using the same NFT through scholarships.
We have determined that this is an undesirable use of scholarships, contrary to their intended purpose.
Therefore, we will be making some specification changes to NFT lending with scholarships starting from the maintenance on February 7th.

<After the Specification Change>
During the PvP event, if you lend out an NFT through scholarships, the lent NFT cannot participate in PvP.
※ NFTs that have been lent out before the start of the PvP event can still be used in PvP without any issues.
Additionally, regarding status upgrades based on the number of owned NFTs, if NFT lending is conducted during the PvP event, status upgrades to the same amulet will not be applied.

We appreciate your continued support of JobTribes.