“Choose and Challenge! Rika vs. Kiri Battle Fest!” Final Results Announcement!


The “Choose and Challenge! Rika vs. Kiri Battle Fest!” event quest has come to a close! We’re excited to reveal the final tally of “Fest Coins” earned by each team!
▼ Tally Date: At the end of the event

This event quest resulted in a victory for the “【Calm Guide】Kiri Team”!
Congratulations to everyone on the “【Calm Guide】Kiri Team”!!
Rewards for each team will be distributed at a later date, so please look forward to them.

▼ Team Reward Distribution Schedule: Planned for December 27 (Wed)
※ Please note that reward distribution may be earlier or later than the scheduled date.

▼ Comments from Each Team Leader
Kiri: “Hehehe… In the end, our victory was overwhelming. Great job, everyone.”
Rika: “Oh no… sobbing… Everyone, thank you so much for your effort…Uhhh”