[Producer Letter] About the Future Policy of JobTribes


Thank you for always playing JobTribes.
I am Higashi, the producer of the game.

We have released the future policy and roadmap for JobTribes.

<About the Overall Policy>
As a premise, the rewards in DEAPcoin and the item prices offered across JobTribes are adjusted monthly based on the overall policy of PlayMining.
As mentioned below, with the introduction of a cost system and the improved play environment in PvP, we will focus on energizing PvP and experimentally adjust the rewards for each content.

<About Content Rewards>
First, experimentally, we will increase the DEAPcheck that can be earned in PvP until January and adjust the rewards to examine the impact on the overall economic zone of PlayMining.
After February, we will reconsider and determine the policy for the JobTribes economic zone based on the situation, and will make an announcement.
Also, in February, we plan to increase the number of winning lottery quests, thereby expanding the chances for new users to earn DEAPcheck.

<About the Roadmap>
Significant changes have been made to the content of the previously released roadmap.
With the phase transition of the entire PlayMining business centered around the social contribution project, the development resources for JobTribes are being adjusted.
The Conquer Quest scheduled for the end of the year will also be changed to a planned release in March for the reasons mentioned above.
The NFT collection and UI improvements that were scheduled afterwards will be reviewed for their implementation timing and will be announced again.

We appreciate your understanding and continue to look forward to your support for JobTribes.

JobTribes Producer, Masataka