JobTribes 3.5-Year Anniversary Eve Festival!


JobTribes will celebrate its 3.5-year anniversary in November!
To show our appreciation to our users who play regularly, we are holding a 3.5-year anniversary eve festival
Special events will be held during the eve celebration. Play JobTribes and get excited for the 3.5-year anniversary!

① 3.5-Year Anniversary Eve Festival Login Bonus
The 3rd anniversary is approaching! We’ll be offering a special login bonus!
Be sure to log in during the period to receive various items!

[Login Bonus Period]
November 23 (Thu) 08:00 (UTC+8) – November 30 (Thu) 07:59 (UTC+8)

Day 1: Hoe of Plenty×50, Scales of Impartiality×50, Elixir×1
Day 2: Necktie of Great Success×50, Cloak of Inquiry×50, Elixir×1
Day 3: Cap of Wisdom×50, Cart of Prosperity×50, Elixir×1
Day 4: Head Mirror of Excellence×50, Disco Ball of Frenzy×50, Elixir×1
Day 5: Saw of Dexterity×50, Teapot of Popularity×50, Tall Elixir×1
Day 6: Antenna of Good Tidings×50, Mystical Lamp×50, Tall Elixir×1
Day 7: Scare Actress Amulet(Poison)×1, Ring Toss Stand Vendor Amulet(Thunder)×1, Tall Elixir×1

②Double Drop Items in Daily Quests During the Period! A great chance to acquire a lot of ‘Recruitment’ and training materials!

[Event Period]
Wednesday, November 22, 2023 (after maintenance) – Wednesday, November 29, 2023, 07:59 (UTC+8)

③JobTribes 3.5-Year Anniversary AMA
The AMA will be held to deliver a wealth of new information about the in-game events celebrating the 3.5-Year Anniversary!

November 22 (Wed) 19:00 – 20:00 (UTC+8)
Japanese: Twitter Space
English: Discord
*Details of this event will be announced at a later date.