Market Sales Information!


4 new NFTs will be released with a limited quantity!
In addition, with the purchase of a new NFT during the campaign period, you will receive two Amulets of the same name with every purchase!

【Sales Period】 *Incorrect and has been corrected.
November 15, 2023 (Wed) 14:00 (UTC+8) - 

【Campaign Period】
November 15, 2023 (Wed) 14:00 – November 22, 2023 (Wed) 10:59 (UTC+8)

【Amulet distribution Schedule】
Early December 2023

【Number of Sales】 *The number was incorrect and has been corrected.
121 271
471 951

Job Title: Service

Status Lv70
8889 2947 2261  1752
◆Skill①Celestial Method: Guidance of the Zodiac
When summoned, there is a chance that the ATK will be increased. Lasts 3 turns.
◆Skill②Horoscope: 12 Signs
Deals damage to random enemies 3 times.
◆Skill③Star-guard Technique: Star Ruler
When summoned, there is a chance that a barrier will surround you.
You will not be damaged once if attacked.

Lamp Artisan(Legendary)
Job Title: Crafter

Status Lv70
8535 2833 2407 1830
◆Skill①Light of a Thousand Nights
When summoned, makes itself a counter state with a chance. Halves the damage once and inflict the damage on the attacker.
◆Skill②Light of One Night
Deals immense damage to 1 enemy.
◆Skill③”Even if you rub it, nothing will come out.”
Recovers HP for all allies.

Job Title: Specialist

Status Lv70
7629 2536 1901 1425
◆Skill①Revival Technique: Resurrection
Recovers HP for all allies.
◆Skill②Protection Technique: Anti Corruption
Raises all allies’ DEF. Lasts 3 turns.
◆Skill③Transformation Technique: Remake Beast
Deals great damage to all enemies.

Cat Fugurine Shop Owner(Epic)
Job Title: Merchantizer

Status Lv70
7332 2536 1986 1431
◆Skill①Thousand Visitors: Welcoming Cat Statue
This ability gets 100% chance of activated when summoned. Greatly increases Budget after 2 turns. The effect ends when the Amulet is destroyed.
◆Skill②Healing Vibration: Sleeping Cat Statue
Recovers HP for all allies.
◆Skill③Danger, Do Not Drop: Giant Cat Statue
Deals immense damage to 1 enemy.

※During the campaign period, for those who purchase the newly introduced NFT, two amulets with the same name will be distributed at a later date as a gift.
※Amulets will be distributed regardless of payment in DEAPcoin or legal currency.
※Gifts will be provided for each purchased NFT. If you purchase the same NFT multiple times, you can receive the amulet as many times as you purchase.
※Example: If you purchase 3 “Astrologer” NFTs, you will receive a total of 6 “Astrologer” amulets.
※Only purchases made through PlayMining NFT’s “OFFICIAL STORE” are eligible for the gift. Please note that purchases made through “USERS” are not eligible.