Market Sales Information!


Illustrators with numerous achievements have created new designs of the “JobTribes” Job Lords!
4 new NFTs will be released!
Additionally, receive an amulet as a gift when purchasing the newly introduced NFT during the campaign period!

【Sales Start Date】
October 11, 2023 (Wednesday) from 14:00 (UTC+8)

​【Campaign Period】
2023/10/11(Wed) 14:00 – 2023/10/18(Wed) 10:59 (UTC+8)

【Number of sales】*Information has been added.
271 121 for each type

【Amulet Distribution Schedule】
Scheduled for late October 2023

*Only purchases made through PlayMining NFT’s “OFFICIAL STORE” are eligible for the gift. Please note that purchases made through “USERS” are not eligible.

Babysitter (Legendary)

Lv70 Status
HP: 8742, ATK: 2838, DEF: 2342, SPD: 1824
◆ Skill 1: Flight Technique: High Multiverse – Deals significant damage to one enemy.
◆ Skill 2: Protection Technique: Rhythmic Baby-Carrying – Increases the DEF of all allies. Lasts 3 turns.
◆ Skill 3: Two-Sword Style: Milkshaker – Recovers the HP of all allies.

Illustrator: Hiroko
In June 2022, started activities in NFT art. Total NFT sales of over 10ETH. Draws flowers and plants she loved in the past in pastel colors. Actively participating in exhibitions, hosting courses on Adobe, and more.

AI Creator (Legendary)

Lv70 Status
HP: 8919, ATK: 2927, DEF: 2245, SPD: 1770
◆ Skill 1: START: Technique of Beginning- When summoned, applies a barrier to oneself with a probability. Prevents damage once when attacked.
◆ Skill 2: VOID: Empty Life – Applies a barrier to one ally. Prevents damage for 2 turns when attacked.
◆ Skill 3: END IF: The World of IF – Deals damage 3 times to a random enemy.

Illustrator: ARATAMA
Aims to be a top global generative AI ecosystem. Creates unique illustrations/artworks using generative AI, supports artist activities, and provides development support for NFT/DAO.

AI-Supported Medical Technician (Legendary)

Lv70 Status
HP: 8415, ATK: 2937, DEF: 2391, SPD: 1776
◆ Skill 1: Surgery: First Check – Deals damage 3 times to a random enemy.
◆ Skill 2: Analysis: Genome Factor – Greatly increases the ATK of one ally, but decreases SPD. Lasts 3 turns.
◆ Skill 3: Creation: Unknown Drug – Increases the SPD of all allies. Lasts 3 turns.

Illustrator: ARATAMA

VJ (Legendary)

Lv70 Status
HP: 8550, ATK: 2858, DEF: 2399, SPD: 1818
◆ Skill 1: Vertical Sway Floor with Horizontal Wipe – Deals significant damage to all enemies.
◆ Skill 2: Gradual Fade Out – Decreases the DEF of all enemies. Lasts 3 turns.
◆ Skill 3: Vision-Hijacking Jockey Girl – When summoned, increases ATK with a probability. Lasts 3 turns.

Illustrator: A.YAMI
Depicts scenes set in the Tokyo nightscape with the theme “Night Like a Movie”. Expresses a slightly lonely and nostalgic atmosphere in the style of City Pop and New Retro. Actively working on music videos, apparel collaborations, and artist merchandise illustrations.

※During the period, for those who purchase the newly introduced NFT, two amulets of the same name will be gifted at a later date.
※Amulets will be distributed regardless of payment method, whether with DEAPcoin or legal currency.
※Gifts are granted for each purchased NFT. If you purchase the same NFT multiple times, you can receive the amulet as many times as you purchase.
※Example: If you purchase 3 ‘Babysitter’ NFTs, you will receive a total of 6 ‘Babysitter’ amulets.