■Event Period: Saturday, July 29, 2023 11:00 – Saturday, July 29, 2023 22:59 (UTC+8)
■Result Announcement: Wednesday, August 9
*The PvP schedule is subject to change without notice.

【Ticket System】
A special ticket is required to play PvP.
One ticket is consumed per PvP match.

<Ticket Types>
・PvP Free Ticket: Can be obtained as a login bonus.

・Number of free PvP tickets to be distributed
50 tickets per day, total of 50 tickets to be distributed

・PvP Premium Ticket Price
100 DEAPcoin

・PvP Premium Ticket: Can be purchased from the item shop.

【Class System】
There are six class levels: Class 0, Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, Class 4 and Class 5.
Your class changes according to PvP points, which increase or decrease depending on victory or defeat.
Each class has its own achievement rewards, which can be earned by advancing to a higher class.
The higher the class, the more rewards you can get.
*Achievement rewards can only be earned once per class per season.
*There are no rewards for Class 0.
*In this “ANOTHER BATTLE ARENA II”, the starting class will be the same as that of the previous event (May 27).
*Users who started from Class 2 at the previous event (May 27) will start from Class 2 this time as well.

【PvP points required for class upgrade】
Class 0: 0 – 499
Class 1: 500 – 1,499
Class 2: 1,500 – 2,999
Class 3: 3,000 – 4,999
Class 4: 5,000 – 6,999
Class 5: 7,000 – 99,999

【Achievement Reward for each Class】
Class 1: Elixir, 999 gems each
Class 2: RARE Limit Breakthrough Item x 3 (Fire, Water, Nature)
Class 3: EPIC Limit Breakthrough Item x 3 (Fire, Water, Nature), Amulet Select Ticket (Epic)
Class 4: Amulet Select Ticket (Legendary)
Class 5: Amulet Select Ticket (Legendary) x2

【Amulet Select Ticket Exchange Period】
July 29 (Sat) 11:00 – August 2 (Wed) 10:59 (UTC+8)

<Special rules>
・The HP and recovery effects of all amulets are multiplied by 1.5.
・There is no enhancement of specific attributes.
・The “Support” and “Debt” cannot be used until the end of turn 3.
・The PvP points collected during the period will be used for the final ranking.
・The performance of the following ANOTHER NFTs will be super-enhanced!

◆Braille Interpreter(Fire)

◆Sign Language Interpreter(Fire)

◆Nursing Care Worker(Fire)
◆Customs Broker(Water)
◆Inheritance Diagnostician(Nature)

[Regular Rewards]
Rank       Basic Reward
1st       500,000DEAPcoin
2nd       300,000DEAPcoin
3rd       200,000DEAPcoin
4th-10th     100,000DEAPcoin
11th-20th     50,000DEAPcoin
21st-30th     30,000DEAPcoin
31st-40th     20,000DEAPcoin
41st-50th     10,000DEAPcoin
51st-100th     5,000DEAPcoin
101st-500th     500DEAPcoin
501st-1,000th    100DEAPcoin
1001st-10,000th 50,000PALEcoin
200th, 300th, 400th, 500th, 600th, 700th, 800th, 900th, 1,000th will receive 500 Recruitment materials (gems) x 4 colous

[Additional Rewards for ANOTHER NFT Holders Only]
Those who purchase ANOTHER NFT in the OFFICIAL STORE or acquire it through Premium Recruitment will have the chance to win special rewards in addition to the regular rewards listed above.
The amount of additional rewards depends on the rarity of the ANOTHER NFT purchased (see below).
*Regular rewards are granted as DEAPcheck, while additional rewards are distributed in the form of airdrops of DEAPcoin to the wallet of the eligible person.
*If the purchaser of ANOTHER NFT is using a Scholarship and that Scholar is eligible for additional rewards in PvP, the DEAPcoin airdrop will be made to the wallet of the purchaser (owner) of ANOTHER NFT, not the wallet of the Scholar.
*If you have purchased multiple rarities, you can only receive an additional reward for the highest rarity.
*If you have purchased ANOTHER NFT of Legendary and Epic rarity, you can only receive the additional reward from the Legendary pool.

[Legendary Pool]
1st        750,000DEAPcoin
2nd        500,000DEAPcoin
3rd        300,000DEAPcoin
4th-10th      200,000DEAPcoin
11th-20th     100,000DEAPcoin
21st-30th      50,000DEAPcoin
31st-40th      30,000DEAPcoin
41st-50th      10,000DEAPcoin
51st-100th      3,000DEAPcoin
101st-500th     1,000DEAPcoin
501st-1,000th     500DEAPcoin
1001st-2,000th     200DEAPcoin

[Epic Pool]
1st        500,000DEAPcoin
2nd        250,000DEAPcoin
3rd        150,000DEAPcoin
4th-10th      100,000DEAPcoin
11th-20th      50,000DEAPcoin
21st-30th      25,000DEAPcoin
31st-40th      15,000DEAPcoin
41st-50th      7,500DEAPcoin
51st-100th      2,000DEAPcoin
101st-500th      500DEAPcoin
501st-1,000th     200DEAPcoin
1001st-2,000th     100DEAPcoin

[Rare Pool]
1st        300,000DEAPcoin
2nd        150,000DEAPcoin
3rd        100,000DEAPcoin
4th-10th      50,000DEAPcoin
11th-20th      25,000DEAPcoin
21st-30th      15,000DEAPcoin
31st-40th      7,500DEAPcoin
41st-50th      3,000DEAPcoin
51st-100th      1,000DEAPcoin
101st-500th      300DEAPcoin
501st-1,000th     100DEAPcoin
1001st-2,000th     50DEAPcoin

e.g. If you achieve “3rd place” in the PvP rankings and meet the following conditions for the “additional reward recipients” (Legendary pool), you can receive an additional reward of 300,000 DEAPcoin in addition to the normal reward of 200,000 DEAPcoin.

<Additional Reward Recipients>
Users who meet the following conditions as of May 26 (Fri) 11:00 (UTC+8)
-Those who have purchased one or more new ANOTHER NFTs from the “OFFICIAL STORE” and own them (purchases from “USERS” are excluded).
-Those who have obtained and own one or more new ANOTHER NFTs in the Premium Recruitment “ANOTHER TRIBES Ⅱ”.
-The person who uses the Scholarship and borrows ANOTHER NFT from the Owner (but the additional rewards are distributed to the Owner’s wallet).