3rd Anniversary PvP CUP Test to be held


We are holding the “3rd Anniversary PvP CUP Test” to fix the problems that occurred in ANOTHER BATTLE ARENA II and to allow users to play PvP in a more stable environment.

【About the 3rd Anniversary PvP CUP Test】
■Period: Wednesday, July 12, 2023 after maintenance – Wednesday, July 12, 2023 22:59 (UTC+8)
■Result announcement: Wednesday, July 19, 2023
*The PvP schedule is subject to change without notice.

【Ticket System】
Exclusive tickets are required to play PvP.
One ticket will be consumed per PvP match.

<Ticket Types>
・Free PvP ticket: Can be obtained through login bonuses, etc.

・Number of free PvP tickets to be distributed
999 tickets per day, 999 tickets in total will be distributed

・Price of PvP Premium Ticket
100 DEAPcoin

・PvP Premium Ticket: Available at the Item Shop

【Class System】
There are six levels: Class 0, Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, Class 4, and Class 5, and classes change according to PvP points, which increase or decrease based on the battle results.
Each class has its own achievement rewards, which can be earned by advancing to a higher class.
The higher the class, the higher the rewards will be.
*Achievement rewards can only be earned once for each class during the season.
*There are no achievement rewards for Class 0.
*In the “3rd Anniversary PvP CUP Test,” all users will start from Class 0.

【Required PvP points for class upgrade】
Class 1 500 ~ 1499
Class 2 1500 ~ 2999
Class 3 3000 ~ 4999
Class 4 5000 ~ 6999
Class 5 7000 ~ 99999

【Achievement Rewards for each class】
Class 1 Elixir, Recruitment Material (Gem) 100 pcs × 4 colors
Class 2 Recruitment Material (Gem) 200 pcs ×4 colors
Class 3 Recruitment Material (Gem) 300 pcs ×4 colors
Class 4 Recruitment Material (Sand) 200 pcs×6 colors
Class 5 Recruitment Material (Sand) 300 pcs ×6 colors

<Special Rule>
・The HP and recovery effects of all amulets are multiplied by 1.5.
・There is no enhancement of specific attributes.
・”Support” and “Debt” cannot be used until the end of turn 3.
・PvP points collected during the period will be used to compete for ranking.
・The performance of the following NFTs will be super-enhanced!

◆【3rd Anniv】Rika & Kiri (Fire)

Rank          Reward
1st – 10th   【3rd Anniv】Rika & Kiri Amulet ×3 Recruitment Material (Sand) 200 pcs × 6 colors
11th – 50th   【3rd Anniv】Rika & Kiri Amulet ×2 Recruitment Material (Sand) 200 pcs × 6 colors
51st – 100th  【3rd Anniv】Rika & Kiri Amulet ×1 Recruitment Material (Sand) 200 pcs × 6 colors
101st – 1000th Recruitment Material (Sand) 200 pcs × 6 colors