Thank you for visiting JobTribes.
This is the JobTribes management team.
We recently held a “Producer Talk” where we discussed our thoughts as a management team and details about future updates.
Based on the questions we received in the suggestion box, we hope to hold this event on a regular basis in the future.
Since the event was delivered only in Japanese, and we understand that some of you may have had difficulty attending on the day of the event, we would like to provide you with the following information on the main topics we covered.
We would like to share with you the main topics we discussed in the form of a producer letter.

<Questions and requests>
①Adjustment of the difficulty level of NFT quests
▼Questions and requests received
-Why did you suddenly make it more difficult?
-Isn’t this a loss of experience for users who are enjoying the game by stepping up their game?
-Will the difficulty level continue to increase in the future?

The difficulty adjustment in this season’s NFT Quest is not a glitch, but a balance adjustment intended by the management.
One of the purposes of this difficulty adjustment is to improve the game experience.
In particular, it is a fact that the NFT Quest difficulty levels Normal and Hard are easy to complete given the current clear rate and amulet training environment.
Therefore, we have adjusted the difficulty levels so that the daily playing experience is not only auto-battle progression by simply purchasing NFTs or borrowing them as a scholar.
The overall balance of the game has been adjusted so that players can enjoy the game’s original step-up experience, including the training of amulets.
In addition to the above, we have also adjusted the overall difficulty balance for the healthy ecosystem in JobTribes, taking into consideration the status of users’ amulet training.
The difficulty level of future NFT quests will be based on the one held this time in the current game environment.
However, the management of JobTribes also believes that the daily game play to achieve a goal or the sense of accomplishment when winning a stage that could not be cleared before are the essence of the game.
We will not adjust the difficulty level in a cat-and-mouse style between the user’s training status and “the same content, same difficulty level” in the future.
Of course, this will not be the case in the event that future updates expand the elements of amulet training and enhancement, and balance adjustments will be made as necessary to maintain the game experience.
In that case, we plan to make an announcement along with the additional content.

②About improving the value of ANOTHER NFT
▼Questions and requests received
-We would like you to implement measures to increase the value of ANOTHER NFT.
-Will ANOTHER NFT be neglected until the implementation of higher difficulty quests?

The “high difficulty level quests” and “PvP” are the only two things that demonstrate ANOTHER NFT’s unique utility, but
High difficulty quests are scheduled to be implemented at the end of the year, and PvP has not been held due to a glitch.
We are truly sorry about not being able to provide users who have purchased the game with high expectations with sufficient ANOTHER experience value.
Even now, the upper levels of the Labyrinth quests can be advantageous when ANOTHER NFTs are deployed.
Furthermore, although we are planning to provide a chance to play an active role in the event quests to be implemented in the summer, we believe that this is not enough to meet the expectations of our users.
In order for all users who have purchased ANOTHER NFT to know how it feels to use ANOTHER NFT and its value as an NFT, we are planning to hold several “Special ANOTHER PvP CUPs” from August onward, in which at least one ANOTHER NFT must be deployed to participate.

③Improvement of the value of low rarity NFTs
▼ Questions and requests that have come in
-Is the value of low rarities declining, or is there an oversupply of NFTs?
-Is there any utility other than NFT quests in the future?
– If the NFT Burn function is considered as one of the countermeasures, please give us the details.

For low rarity NFTs, we are considering increasing demand and value through future updates.
There are two new features we are currently developing for low rarity utilities.
One is the NFT Burn feature.
The NFT Burn feature will allow users to replace the skills of certain amulets or burn multiple NFTs to increase the status of the same rarity in their possession.
We believe that lower rarities have a larger supply of NFTs and will inevitably have more opportunities to use the NFT Burn function.
Therefore, the balance will be designed so that players can easily benefit from the amulet enhancement by NFT Burn, and deploying enhanced low rarity NFTs will be advantageous in capturing content.
The other is “PvP regulation modification”.
In a future update, we plan to add an assembly cost tied to the rarity of amulets to deck composition in PvP.
With the introduction of the cost, players will not be able to go out with only high rarity amulets, and unlike in the past, it will be important to build decks that include lower rarity amulets.
In the future, we also plan to add special effects that only low rarity players have, such as “Common Amulet’s attack skill increases damage against Legendary Amulet.
The role and composition of each rarity will become more strategic, and players will need to take charge of all rarities in order to achieve higher rankings in PvP.

Thank you very much for your questions and comments on the suggestion box.
We will continue to do our best to meet the expectations of our users and appreciate your continued support of JobTribes.