Regarding the date for changes to the training function in the Scholarship


Thank you for playing JobTribes.

The postponed changes to the specifications of the amulet training function in the scholarship will be implemented after the maintenance on June 14 (Wed).
We would like to reiterate the details of the changes as follows.

[Before the change]
Scholars were able to train amulets borrowed from their owners.

[After the change]
Scholars will be able to train amulets borrowed from the owner after 30 days have passed from the start date of the scholarship contract.
*The period during which amulets can be trained is set for each amulet.
*If an owner collects an amulet and then lends it out again, the training period will be reset.

Scholarship period before the June 14 will also be counted as the eligible period.
If the amulet has been with the scholar for more than 30 days before June 14, training function will continue to be available as before this change.

Please note that if your scholarship contract is less than 30 days, the amulets borrowed from the owner will not be able to be upgraded or broken through the limit.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support of JobTribes.