[Labyrinth Quest] is underway!


[Event Details]
We are pleased to announce the contents, event period and rewards of JobTribes’ Labyrinth Quest, which starts on June 7, 2023, at 16:00 (UTC+8).

1. Labyrinth Quest Content
Within the Labyrinth Quest, certain amulets are enhanced by the power that floats around on each FLOOR.
Organise the enhanced amulets in your deck to take advantage.
As you progress deeper into the Quest, enemies with special skills will appear.
Check the details of the enemy amulets and formulate a strategy to counter the special skills.

You can get a luxury item when you clear each FLOOR for the first time.
Conquer the FLOORs and get the limited amulet ‘Archaeologist’, which can only be obtained here!
Furthermore, the Labyrinth Shop will be open, where you can save Labyrinth Coins and exchange them for various items!

2. Event Period
Wednesday, June 7, 2023, 16:00 (UTC+8) – Wednesday, June 14, 2023, 10:59 (UTC+8).

3. NFT Lottery
The NFT Lottery is an item that can be redeemed at the Labyrinth Shop by spending ‘Labyrinth Coins’.
With the NFT Lottery, the ‘Archaeologist (Poison)’ will be awarded as an Amulet or NFT with the following probabilities.
Amulet – 95%.
NFT – 5%.
The results of the NFT Lottery will be disclosed right after the exchange at the shop.

4. Rewards
The Labyrinth Quest consists of total 25 stages.
Items can be obtained for clearing each stage for the first time.

-FLOOR:01 Elixir x 2
-FLOOR:02 Labyrinth coins x 100
-FLOOR:03 Labyrinth coins x 200
-FLOOR:04 Sands of Vitality x 100, Sands of Conversation x 100, Sand of Knowledge x 100, Sands of Techniquex 100, Sand of Aesthetics x 100, Sand of Creation x 100
-FLOOR:05 Labyrinth coins x 300
-FLOOR:06 Labyrinth coins x 300
-FLOOR:07 Ruby of Passion x 999, Sapphire of Devotion x 999, Diamond of Innovation x 999, Crystal of Eminence x 999
-FLOOR:08 Labyrinth coins x 500
-FLOOR:09 Labyrinth coins x 500
-FLOOR:10 Amulet “Archaeologist (E)” x 1
-FLOOR:11 Labyrinth coins x 800
-FLOOR:12 Labyrinth coins x 800
-FLOOR:13 300DEP
-FLOOR:14 Labyrinth coins x 1,500
-FLOOR:15 Labyrinth coins x 1,500
-FLOOR:16 700DEP
-FLOOR:17 Labyrinth coins x 2,500
-FLOOR:18 Labyrinth coins x 3,000
-FLOOR:19 Labyrinth coins x 3,000
-FLOOR:20 1,000DEP
-FLOOR:21 Labyrinth coins x 3,000
-FLOOR:22 2,500DEP
-FLOOR:23 Labyrinth coins x 3,000
-FLOOR:24 Labyrinth coins x 3,000
-FLOOR:25 3,000DEP

*Rewards are distributed as DEAPchecks and need to be redeemed for DEAPcoin (DEP).

Labyrinth Shop conversion details and number of labyrinth coins required
・NFT ・・・ 45,000
・DEAPcheck×7,500 ・・・ 24,000
・NFT Lottery ・・・ 6,500
・Amulet Select Ticket ・・・ 5,000
・Tall Elixir ・・・ 500
・Elixir ・・・ 150
・Training Material (Sand) 10 of each ・・・ 50
・Recruitment materials 50 of each ・・・ 50

◆Amulets eligible for exchange.
Amulet Select Tickets can be exchanged for eligible amulets at the in-game shop.
The amulets to be exchanged differ for each event. Please check the current info at the in-game shop.

◆Amulet Select Ticket Exchange Deadline and Eligibility
Exchangeable until: Wednesday, June 7, 2023, After the maintenance ~ Wednesday, June 28, 2023, 10:59 (UTC+8)