JobTribes 3rd Anniversary


JobTribes celebrates its 3rd anniversary on May 26th! To celebrate, we are holding the 3rd Anniversary event!
To thank all of our users who have been playing JobTribes continuously, we will be conducting 6 special campaigns!

1. 3rd Anniversary Special Login Bonus
To celebrate the 3rd anniversary, a special login bonus will be offered!
Be sure to login during the period to get various items!

[Login Bonus Period]
May 31 (Wed) 16:00 (UTC+8) – June 14 (Wed) 07:59 (UTC+8)

[Items to be distributed]
Day 1: 【3rd Anniv】Rika & Kiri Amulet (Fire) x 1, Idol Amulet (Fire) x 1, Astronaut Amulet (Poison) x 1, Cacao Farmer Amulet (Nature) x 1
Day 2: Sand of Vitality x 500, Sand of Conversation x 500, Sand of Technique x 500, Elixir Tall x 1
Day 3: Sand of Knowledge x 500, Sand of Aesthetics x 500, Sand of Creation x 500, Elixir Tall x 1
Day 4: Promotion Material (Gem) 2000 x 4 colors
Day 5: Amulet Select Ticket x 1

★Almost all amulets are exchangeable for the Amulet Select Ticket.
*There are few exceptions such as collaboration amulets.

[Amulet Select Ticket Exchange Period]
Exchangeable Period: May 31 (Wed) 16:00 (UTC+8) – June 28 (Wed) 10:59 (UTC+8)

2. The number of the items dropped in daily quests during the period is doubled!
Chance to obtain a large amount of Recruitment and Training material!

[Campaign Period]
May 31 (Wed) 16:00 (UTC+8) – June 7 (Wed) 10:59 (UTC+8)

3. One-Time Only NFT Acquisition Quest
A one-time only NFT Acquisition Quest will be held during the period. Challenge the NFT Acquisition Quest and get an NFT!

[Quest Period]
May 31 (Wed) 16:00 (UTC+8) – June 7 (Wed) 10:59 (UTC+8)

[Quest Price]
■10,000 DEP Quest
NFTs will be dropped at the following rates depending on the battle results.

When the battle result is a “Major Win” (victory in 2 turns or less)
-NFT(Epic) 10.00%
-NFT(Rare) 50.00%
-NFT(Common) 40.00%

When the battle result is a “Win” (victory other than “Major Win”)
-NFT(Epic) 10.00%
-NFT(Rare) 50.00%
-NFT(Common) 40.00%

When the battle result is w “Lose”
-NFT(Epic) 10.00%
-NFT(Rare) 50.00%
-NFT(Common) 40.00%

*The probability is rounded down to two decimal places, so the total may not equal 100%.

[NFTs to be dropped]
-Jaku Rong & Ancient Chinese General (Fire)
-Ran Raylin & Ramen Restaurant Owner (Water)
-DRAGNARISE & Cabaret Girl (Poison)
-IGNILORD & Crab Fisherman (Thunder)
-IGNITTO & Game Producer (Earth)

-Male Football Player & Beautician (Water)
-Female Football Player & Sports Trainer (Thunder)
-Vivi & Online Streamer (Fire)
-Chachamaru & Gardener (Nature)
-Freyja & DEP Trader (Poison)
-Knight of Despair “Tiptone” & Game Programmer (Earth)
-Villager who reached the pinnacle (Thunder)
-Villager clad in flames, brought from darkness (Fire)

-Child Female Villager (Fire)
-Child Male Villager (Water)
-Young Female Villager (Poison)
-Young Male Villager (Earth)
-Middle-aged Female Villager (Fire)
-Middle-aged Male Villager (Water)
-Elderly Female Villager (Nature)
-Elderly Male Villager (Thunder)

-The list of NFTs that will drop and their probabilities are based on the inventory status at the time of the event.
-Please note that the inventory of dropped NFTs is limited and may run out.
-The quest may end before the end of the event period if the inventory of dropped NFTs runs out.
-Please note that NFTs may be added to the inventory when the inventory runs low. In such a case, it will be informed it in the announcements.
*The drop probability will be the same regardless of whether the result is a major win, a win, or a lose.
*Only one challenge is allowed during the event period.

4. Premium Recruitment “3rd Anniversary”
Limited 3rd Anniversary NFTs & new Alternative NFTs will be available!
This is a great chance to get the limited NFTs!

[Event Period]
May 31 (Wed) 16:00 (UTC+8) – June 14 (Wed) 10:59 (UTC+8)
Details will be announced in a separate announcement.

5. Amulet Acquisition Quest (Amulet ! Gotta get’em all!)
A special quest limited to once a day will be held for 7 days, which can be challenged by consuming stamina! You can obtain one amulet at random from among 6 types of amulets of all rarities.
Please try every day to get the amulet you are looking for!

June 7 (Wed) 08:00 – June 14 (Wed) 07:59 (UTC+8)

[Amulets to be dropped]
-Nanny (Fire)
-Baseball Coach (Thunder)
-Enka Singer (Water)
-Cotton Craftsman (Earth)
-Manga Artist (Nature)
-Reader Model (Poison)

-Chiropractor (Fire)
-NFT Minter (Thunder)
-Navigator (Water)
-Chocolatier (Earth)
-L-ilith (Poison)
-Kanoa (Nature)

-Medical Social Worker (Thunder)
-Aquarium Keeper (Water)
-Ancient Chinese General (Earth)
-Journalist (Poison)
-Zoo Keeper (Nature)
-DEP Trader (Fire)

-Environmental Measurer (Fire)
-Bus Guide( Earth)
-Screen Writer (Thunder)
-Cameraman (Nature)
-Game Music Composer (Water)
-Sword Fight Scene Choreographer (Poison)

6. 3rd Anniversary PvP CUP
We will hold a PvP CUP to celebrate the 3rd anniversary!
This time, NFTs commemorating the 3rd anniversary will be prepared as rewards for the top ranking players!
Please join us and aim for the top ranking!

The event is scheduled to be held in June.
The details will be published in a separate announcement.


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