Marselino Ferdinan’s 2nd NFT on sale at “PlayMining NFT”.


Marselino Ferdinan’s 2nd NFT will be available at “PlayMining NFT”.
Marselino is a rising star in Indonesian soccer and a recent addition to KMSK Deinze, a member of the second division of the Belgian professional league, and made his debut appearance in a game for KMSK Deinze on February 25, 2023.
This NFT will also be used as a priority access to participate in the Fan Token community.


▼ [PlaysiaTV] Marselino Ferdinan / KMSK Deinze(May 2023)

▼Date and time of release: Monday, May 8, 7:00 (UTC+1)

▼Price: 500 DEP

▼Number of NFTs to be issued: No upper limit

▼NFT Holders’ Benefits

 A) NFT will serve as a priority access to participate in the new Fan Token Community

 B) Right to apply for a uniform signed by Marselino

 For more information, please visit NEWS on PlaysiaTV.

 C) Can be used as a “Common” NFT in the game “JobTribes”
 - Rarity: Common Attribute: Earth
 -Cannot be used for NFT Quest

▼About PlaysiaTV
PlaysiaTV is a video streaming service that delivers football content from around the world, incorporating the Web3 ‘Watch & Earn’ concept. It integrates a gaming element into the video viewing experience, with viewers being rewarded for watching the contents.
Playsia TV is currently streaming original contents globally, including contents from clubs such as KMSK Deinze (Belgian 2nd Division), as well as documentaries and interviews filmed in various countries around the world.