Super Deal! Legal Tender Payment Only! DEP Airdrop Campaign


During the campaign period, if you use legal tender payment (credit/debit card payment), we will airdrop DEAPcoin according to the amount of your purchase.
Please take this opportunity to obtain DEAPcoin!

[Campaign Period]
April 26 (Wed) 14:00 – May 2 (Tue) 2023, 9:59 (UTC+8)

[Campaign Detail]
During the campaign period, those who used legal tender payment (credit/debit card payment) for any of the following payments will receive DEAPcoin airdrop worth up to 10% of the purchase amount.
-Purchase of JobTribes NFTs at “OFFICIAL STORE” on “PlayMining NFT”
-Purchase of ‘Premium Recruitment Ticket’ at the item shop in JobTribes

<Amount of Airdrop>
Purchase Amount
Over 1,000 USD  :10%(Max: 3,000,000 DEAPcoin)
700 USD – 999 USD  :7%
500 USD – 699 USD :5%
300 USD – 499 USD :3%
1 USD – 299 USD :1%

*”Purchase amount” is the total amount of legal tender payment (credit/debit card payment) spent during the campaign period.
*The maximum airdrop amount per person is 3 million DEAPcoin.
*The DEAPcoin airdrop is scheduled for the end of May.
*The amount of DEAPcoin to be airdropped will be calculated based on the DEAPcoin rate at the time of distribution.
*Please note that only purchases made at the JobTribes in-game item shop and the “OFFICIAL STORE” of “PlayMining NFT” are eligible. The purchases made through “USERS” are not eligible.
Also, please note that only “legal tender payment (credit/debit card payment)” is eligible for this campaign, and payment in DEAPcoin is not applicable.

1. Premium Recruitment “ANOTHER TRIBES II” will be held from 14:00 on April 26 (Wed) (UTC+8)!
During the campaign period, “Premium Recruitment Tickets” in the JobTribes item shop will be sold in legal tender only.

*For those who buy the Premium Recruitment Tickets during the campaign period are eligible for the airdrop.
*The tickets will be available for purchase in DEAPcoin as usual after May 2 (Tue) 14:00 (UTC+8).

2. 6 New NFTs will be on the marketplace
6 new NFTs, including works by famous artists, will be available on the marketplace!
Those who purchase these 6 new NFTs with legal tender during the campaign period will receive 6 amulets of the same name as a gift at a later date.

Sales period: April 26 (Wed) 14:00 – May 2 (Tue) 9:59 (UTC+8)

*The present is only for the first purchase. Even if you purchase the same NFT multiple times, you will receive the present only once.

[New NFTs]
-Firefighter (Fire)

-Negotiator (Poison)

-Lether Craftsman (Earth)


-Music Therapist (Water)

-Web3 Community Manager (Nature)

-NFT Minter (Thunder)