About the new type “ANOTHER”.


Dear valued JobTribes players,

We, the JobTribes management team, would like to express our gratitude for your continued support in playing our game. We also appreciate all the feedback and inquiries we received regarding the new type “ANOTHER” that we recently announced.

We would like to take this opportunity to answer some frequently asked questions and provide additional information that we were not able to include in the initial announcement.

-“ANOTHER” cannot be used as an Amulet, but it’s less difficult to train!
To maintain the value of “ANOTHER NFT,” “ANOTHER” cannot be used for deck formation in Amulet state. Also, there is no way to obtain Amulets in the game. Therefore, it will always be operated in the form of “Amulet strengthened by NFT” (as a set), and it is not possible to enhance it as an Amulet for limit breakthrough. Instead, it is set to require fewer items up to level 70 than “NORMAL” since it is already completed 2 limit breakthroughs at the time of acquisition.

-“ANOTHER” does not have a constant PvP status buff!
In special regulations, there may be a temporary buff for specific NFTs, but there is no special buff that is always applied to during PvP as part of the “ANOTHER” specification.

[PvP CUP with special rules with enhanced “ANOTHER”]

April 8 – April 9, 2023 *The period has been partially revised.
Scheduled for April 2023

-The upcoming contents in which “ANOTHER” will be featured, will not have an entry restriction based on the number of NFTs like “NFT Quest”!
The new content featuring “ANOTHER”, scheduled to be inplemented in the future, is designed to have a lower entry hurdle in comparison to “NFT Quest”, so that it can be enjoyed by many people. It will be implemented in a way that allows users to play from a single NFT, with further benefits if you have two, three… or more NFTs. We will announce the details of the content as the development progresses, so please stay tuned.

-“NORMAL” and “ANOTHER” have their own different values!
The upcoming item “Rune” has different drop rates for the “NORMAL” and “ANOTHER” types, which we believe will provide distinct advantages for each type when playing JobTribes. We anticipate that the introduction of “ANOTHER” will diversify users’ play styles, enhance the overall experiential value of the JobTribes community, and activate in-game transactions based on users’ respective play styles and NFT holdings.

One of the purposes of implementing the new type “ANOTHER” is to improve the strategic aspect of JobTribes PvP.

The newly implemented skills, along with “ANOTHER,” this time have been created to make user actions have a greater impact on the battlefield. In the future, we will perform significant revisions to PvP regulations, overall adjustments to amulets and skills, and further evolve deck building and strategic elements. “ANOTHER” will become an NFT that will play a new role in PvP and will have a significant impact in the future. Please look forward to it.