Trading Amulets using the Scholarship System


Thank you for always playing JobTribes. We are currently checking the sale of amulets using the scholarship system for the purpose of training. We have received many inquiries regarding such cases, so we would like to provide the views of the operating team as follows.
The original amulet training function in scholarship was provided as a way to repay owners since the scholarship was implemented. Trading of amulets between the players is not the intended use of scholarships and we have determined that it would have a negative impact on the current game balance and economy.
In addition, due to the violation of the prohibited acts specified in the JobTribes terms of use, we would like to announce once again that the sale of amulets using scholarships is a prohibited act.
16) Actions which attempt to loan, exchange, transfer, change ownership of, sell, pawn, offer as collateral, or otherwise offer the use of all or part of a PlayMining ID and or Game data to a third party.
We intend to actively implement transactions between users or elements that provide special experiences, such as community connections in web3 games. The demand for amulet trading is also positively being considered in future development as we have received many opinions and requests from many users.
However, at present, personal amulet trading is not planned in JobTribes, and we will be unable to provide a proper gaming environment with such tradings. Moreover, if the core element of amulet growth is based on the scholarship system, there is a risk that the original experience value in the scholarship connection will be damaged.
Regarding the amulet trading function, we aim to implement it in the future by designing a balance that matches the overall growth of the users, along with expanding new contents.
As for future operations, we will first revise the conditions for the amulet training function in Scholarship System contracts. The specific details of the conditions will be announced shortly.
We will also consider implementing a function that will allow users to trade amulets with each other.
We thank you for your understanding and hope you will look forward to the implementations of new functions in the future.