Renewal of Payday


【Renewal of Payday】

JobTribes has been offering Free to Earn through DEP distribution on PayDays.

However we regret to announce that the 65th PayDay on February 9, 2023, will be the last DEP distribution and we will renew the content. We sincerely apologize to all users who have been looking forward to DEP distribution on PayDays for the sudden renewal of this service.


PayDay at JobTribes has been a new way of earning income, and we have been able to provide a new experiential value of the crypto currency, DEP through entertainment to our users. However, just as many Free to Earn projects have not been able to operate over the long term, we have come to a conclusion that it will be difficult for us to maintain a healthy ecosystem if we continue to provide a Free to Earn system. Because PayDay is an unlimited Free to Earn function, our ecosystem has been hit hard by automated account abuse. 


In an effort to operate a healthy economy and to continue providing an engaging playing experience for our users, we have made the decision to implement a renewal of the system with the greatest sense of regret.


We are currently considering the implementation of new content that will revamp the PayDay functionality and provide a new playing experience. In addition, many other new contents will be implemented in 2023.

We will also be increasing the number of contents that allow our users to earn DEP, and provide options and ways to earn token that suit your style of play.

We will greatly appreciate your continuous support for JobTribes in the future.