The Outline of JobTribes “PlayMining Titles Collaboration Quest “


“PlayMining Titles” and the “JobTribes” will collaborate on the “PlayMining Titles Collaboration Quest ” starting on Tuesday, December 27.

■Quest Period:
Tuesday, December 27, 2022, 2:00 p.m. (UTC+8) – Tuesday, January 10, 2023, 10:59 a.m. (UTC+8)

■About  “PlayMining Titles Collaboration Quest”
The “PlayMining Titles Collaboration Quest” is a quest that can be challenged by spending DEP. When you challenge the quest, a collaboration NFT or an amulet of “PlayMining Titles” will be dropped randomly as a reward.
*Please note that the NFTs and the drop rates are different from those of the regular NFT Acquisition Quest “NFT! Gotta get’em all!”.

■Details of “PlayMining Titles Collaboration Quest ”
“PlayMining Titles Collaboration Quest ” requires DEP to participate and can be attempted multiple times a day. There is only one type for this quest: the 1,000 DEP Quest.
A battle will take place as you spend DEP and depending on the result, a collaboration NFT or an amulet of “PlayMining Titles” will be dropped as a reward.
*You cannot surrender in these battles.
*There are two types of enemy decks, which change daily.

We have also prepared a special version of the quest in which you can earn extra rewards by spending 10 times more DEP for one quest. (You can get rewards worth more than 10 quests.)
*The probability of a drop for each rarity is the same as the regular version.

■Reward structure
In the “PlayMining Titles Collaboration Quest ”, the rewards will vary depending on the outcome of the quest, which ranges from “Great Victory” (winning within two turns), “Win” and “Loss”.

・1,000 DEP Quest
This quest will drop a collaboration NFT or an amulet from “PlayMining Titles”.

<Drop Rate List>
*Percentages are rounded down to two decimal points, so the total may not equal 100%.

■NFTs or amulets that will be dropped

・IGNITTO & Game Producer(Earth)*NEW!

・IGNILORD & Crab Fisherman(Thunder)*NEW!

・DRAGNARISE & Cabaret Girl(Poison)*NEW!

Jaku Rong & Ancient Chinese General(Fire)*NEW!

・Ran Raylin & Ramen Restaurant Owner(Water)*NEW!


・Male Football Player & Beautician(Water)*NEW!

・Female Football Player & Sports Trainer(Thunder)*NEW!

・Vivi & Online Streamer(Fire)*NEW!

・Chachamaru & Gardener(Nature)*NEW!

・Freyja & DEP Trader(Poison)*NEW!

・Knight of Despair “Tiptone” & Game Programmer(Earth)*NEW!


・The drop list and probability are based on the inventory status at the start of the event.
・Please note that the availability of each NFT is limited and may run out of stock.
・The quest may be closed before the end of the event period, in case the inventory of the NFTs runs out.
・NFTs may be added to the inventory when the stock level decreases. In such cases, we will notify you through announcements.


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