Half Year Anniversary -Anniversary Festival –


JobTribes turns two and a half years old on November 26, 2022!
To celebrate, we’re hosting a half-year anniversary event!
We will be running four campaigns to thank our users for playing JobTribes regularly!

1.Special Login Bonus to Celebrate the Half Year Anniversary!

・Half Year Anniversary Login Bonus

【How to Participate】
Users who log in during the event period can participate.

【Event Claim Period】
Tue, November 22, 8:00 a.m. (UTC+8) – Thu, December 22, 7:59 a.m. (UTC+8)

Day 1 – Recruitment materials 999pieces×4colors
Day 2 – EPIC Amulet”Illustrator”(Thunder)×1 + Elixir ×3 + Sands of Vitality ×200 + Sands of Conversation ×200
Day 3 – Sands of Technique ×200 + Sands of Knowledge ×200 + Sands of Aesthetics ×200 + Sands of Creation ×200
Day 4 – Recruitment materials 999pieces×4colors
Day 5 – Legendary Amulet “Game Producer”(Fire)×1 and Tall Elixir x 3

2.The drop items in the daily quests during the period will be doubled!
Chance to obtain a large amount of recruiting and training materials!

【Event Claim Period】
Sat, November 22, 2:00 p.m. (UTC+8) – Tue, November 29, 10:59 a.m. (UTC+8)

3.Special quests limited to once a day for 6 days! You can be challenge by consuming stamina!
One amulet will be randomly selected from six different amulets of each rarity.
Please try every day to win the amulet you are looking for!

・Amulet Acquisition Quest “Amulet ! Gotta get’em all!”

【Event Claim Period】
Tue, November 22, 2:00 p.m. (UTC+8) – Mon, November 28, 7:59 p.m. (UTC+8)

【Amulets to be dropped】
・Elementary School Teacher(Fire)
・Female Announcer(Thunder)
・Shrine Maiden(Water)
・Cacao Farmer(Nature)
・Super Crab Fisherman(Poison)

・Portal Siter(Fire)
・Heavy Machinery Manufacturer Employee(Thunder)
・Figure Skater(Water)
・Movie Director(Earth)
・<L-ilith> Demon Queen (Poison)
・<Kanoa> the Hero(Nature)

・National Tax Inspector(Thunder)
・Sushi Chef(Water)
・Jewelry Designer(Earth)
・Cabaret Girl(Poison)
・Tomato Farmer(Nature)

・Roasted Sweet Potato Salesperson(Fire)
・Bus Guide(Earth)
・Hair Dresser(Thunder)

4.To celebrate Jobtribes’ two and a half year anniversary, we will be holding a limited PvP event.
The event will be held on Saturday, November 26 and Sunday, November 27 for a total of 6 hours, 3 hours per day.
In addition, the ranking rewards for this event are more luxurious than those for the regular event, so we hope you will join us!

Day 1: Sat, November 26, 8:00 p.m. to 10:59 p.m. (UTC+8)
Day 2: Sun, November 27, 8:00 p.m. to 10:59 p.m. (UTC+8)
【Result announcement】
Mon, November 28 

*PvP schedule is subject to change without notice.

【Special rules】
◆LEGENDARY Elementary School Teacher(Fire) HP/ATK/DEF/SPD…[2.5x]
◆LEGENDARY Female Announcer(Thunder) HP/ATK/DEF/SPD…[2.5x]
◆LEGENDARY Shrine Maiden(Water) HP/ATK/DEF/SPD…[2.5x]
◆LEGENDARY Surgeon(Earth) HP/ATK/DEF/SPD…[2.5x]
◆LEGENDARY Cacao Farmer(Nature) HP/ATK/DEF/SPD…[2.5x]
◆LEGENDARY Super Crab Fisherman(Poison) HP/ATK/DEF/SPD…[2.5x]
◆EPIC Portal Siter(Fire) HP/ATK/DEF/SPD…[3.0x]
◆EPIC Heavy Machinery Manufacturer Employee(Thunder) HP/ATK/DEF/SPD…[3.0x]
◆EPIC Figure Skater(Water) HP/ATK/DEF/SPD…[3.0x]
◆EPIC Movie Director(Earth) HP/ATK/DEF/SPD…[3.0x]
◆EPIC <L-ilith> Demon Queen(Poison) HP/ATK/DEF/SPD…[3.0x]
◆EPIC <Kanoa> the Hero(Nature) HP/ATK/DEF/SPD…[3.0x]
◆RARE National Tax Inspector(Thunder) HP/ATK/DEF/SPD…[3.3x]
◆RARE Sushi Chef(Water) HP/ATK/DEF/SPD…[3.3x]
◆RARE Jewelry Designer(Earth) HP/ATK/DEF/SPD…[3.3x]
◆RARE Cabaret Girl(Poison) HP/ATK/DEF/SPD…[3.3x]
◆RARE Tomato Farmer(Nature) HP/ATK/DEF/SPD…[3.3x]
◆RARE Stuntman(Fire) HP/ATK/DEF/SPD…[3.3x]
◆COMMON Roasted Sweet Potato Salesperson(Fire) HP/ATK/DEF/SPD…[3.5x]
◆COMMON Bus Guide(Earth) HP/ATK/DEF/SPD…[3.5x]
◆COMMON Hair Dresser(Thunder) HP/ATK/DEF/SPD…[3.5x]
◆COMMON Mountaineer(Nature) HP/ATK/DEF/SPD…[3.5x]
◆COMMON Meteorologist (Water) HP/ATK/DEF/SPD…[3.5x]
◆COMMON Interpretor(Poison) HP/ATK/DEF/SPD…[3.5x]
・HP and recovery effect of the all Amulets will be increased by 1.5 times.
・There are no specific attibute enhancements.
・Support Skill and debt cannot be used until the end of 3 turns.
・The special rules will change each time.
・Compete to rank well with PvP Arena points collected during this period.

1st 100,000 DEP Recruitment materials 2000pieces×4colors training items (Sands) 600pieces×6colors PALEcoin ×5,000
2nd 20,000 DEP Recruitment materials 1500pieces×4colors training items (Sands) 500pieces×6colors PALEcoin ×5,000
3nd 10,000 DEP Recruitment materials 1000pieces×4colors training items (Sands) 400pieces×6colors PALEcoin ×5,000
4th-20th 2,000 DEP Recruitment materials 750pieces×4colors training items (Sands) 300pieces×6colors PALEcoin ×5,000
21th-40th 1,000 DEP Recruitment materials 500pieces×4colors training items (Sands) 200pieces×6colors PALEcoin ×5,000
41th-100th 500 DEP Recruitment materials 400pieces×4colors training items (Sands) 100pieces×6colors PALEcoin ×5,000
101th-10,000th Recruitment materials 300pieces×4colors training items (Sands) 50pieces×6colors PALEcoin ×40,000
200th, 300th, 400th, 500th, 600th, 700th, 800th, 900th, 1,000th
Recruitment materials 500pieces × 4colors

Please give it a try!

*Even if you win this ranking match, you will not gain the right to participate in the championship and an original NFT will not be produced.


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