[Limited Time Only] JobTribes_Material Hunting !


【Event rules】
“Material Hunting! ” Is an event where you can get a lot of training items (Sands).

■Period: Tuesday, 11 October, 2:00 p.m. (UTC+8) – Friday, 14 October, 1:59 p.m. (UTC+8)

If you own NFT and have that NFT in your deck, you will get a lot of training items (Sands) according to the number of NFT you have.
Among them, the following 15 NFTs will give you more training items (Sands), so if you have NFT, please take part.

LEGENDARY:Character Desginer (Nature)
LEGENDARY:Prison Guard (Fire)
EPIC:Industrial Designer (Thunder)
RARE:Occupational Therapist (Earth)
COMMON:Sword Fight Scene Choreographer (Poison)
LEGENDARY:【Mobile Police Patlabor】AV-98 Ingram Unit1 (Water)
EPIC:【Mobile Police Patlabor】TYPE-J9 Griffon (Poison)
RARE:【Mobile Police Patlabor】AV-98 Ingram Unit2 (Earth)
RARE:【Mobile Police Patlabor】ARL-99 Helldiver (Nature)
RARE:【Mobile Police Patlabor】AV-X0 Type Zero (Thunder)
COMMON:【Mobile Police Patlabor】Noa Izumi (Nature)
COMMON:【Mobile Police Patlabor】Asuma Shinohara (Water)
COMMON:【Mobile Police Patlabor】Isao Ota (Fire)
COMMON:【Mobile Police Patlabor】Shinobu Nagumo (Thunder)
COMMON:【Mobile Police Patlabor】Kiichi Goto (Earth)

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