PlayMining NFT【New Lineup for NFT on June 1】


■LEGENDARY Profession: 【Giga Tokyo Toybox】Taiyo Tenkawa (Silhouette) (Earth)

■EPIC Profession: 【Giga Tokyo Toybox】Izuru Sensui (Poison)

■RARE Profession:【Giga Tokyo Toybox】Taiyo Tenkawa (Fire)

■RARE Profession:【Giga Tokyo Toybox】Hoshino Tsukiyama (Water)

■RARE Profession:【Giga Tokyo Toybox】Nanami Tanizaki (Thunder)

■COMMON Profession:【Giga Tokyo Toybox】Masashi Kaneda (Nature)

■COMMON Profession:【Giga Tokyo Toybox】Atsushi Yoda (Earth)

A maximum of 7 amulets, “RARE【Giga Tokyo Toybox】Momo Momoda”, which can be used in the card battle game “Job Tribes”, will be given as a login bonus every day.

<Login bonus distribution period>
Wednesday, June 1, 8:00 a.m. (UTC+8) – Sunday, June 12, 7:59 a.m. (UTC+8)

<Distribution item>
【Giga Tokyo Toybox】Momo Momoda (Fire/RARE)

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