Celebrating DEAPcoin Listing in Japan! NFT Purchase Airdrop Campaign


In celebration of the listing of DEAPcoin (DEAPcoin, ticker code DEP, hereinafter referred to as DEP) in Japan, we will be conducting a campaign to airdrop DEP to all those who purchase NFT.

Details of the campaign
During the campaign period, all members who purchase NFT from NFT Marketplace by DEP’s OFFICIAL STORE will receive 10% to 35% of their total purchase amount in DEP airdrops, depending on the number of NFTs purchased.

Details of the airdrop
-Buy 1 NFT: 10% airdrop of the total purchase amount
-Buy 2 NFTs: 15% airdrop of total purchase amount
-Buy 3 NFTs: 20% airdrop of total purchase amount
-Buy 4 NFTs: 25% airdrop of total purchase amount
-Buy 5 NFTs: 30% airdrop of total purchase amount
-Buy 6 or more NFTs: 35% airdrop of total purchase amount
The maximum airdrop amount per member is 1,000,000 DEP.

Campaign Period
Wednesday, January 26th, 2:00 p.m. (UTC+8) – Thursday, February 10th, 1:59 p.m.  (UTC+8)

Eligible Transactions
Purchases made from the OFFICIAL STORE during the above period
*Please note that purchases made from USER are not eligible for this campaign.

NFT Marketplace by DEP|https://daa.playmining.com


・The maximum airdrop amount per member is 1,000,000 DEP.
・Only purchases from NFT Marketplace by DEP’s OFFICIAL STORE will be eligible for airdrop in this campaign. Purchases made from USER are not eligible.
・The use of PlayMining wallet accounts, NFT Marketplace by DEP, and JobTribes accounts are subject to the terms and conditions of the respective services provided by the Company.
・In the event of multiple entries from the same person, entries from fraudulent accounts, entries from people who are not eligible for the campaign, repeated opening and closing of accounts, or any other actions that we deem fraudulent (e.g., identity theft, pranks, etc.), violations of these precautions, or failure to follow our instructions, the campaign rewards will be voided.
・The campaign is subject to change, termination, or extension without notice.
・A similar campaign may be held after this campaign ends.
・Please be aware that we cannot respond to individual inquiries regarding the progress of this campaign.
・This campaign is conducted independently by our company.
・If your account is suspended or terminated prior to the awarding of rewards for this campaign, you will not be eligible to receive any rewards.

■NFT Marketplace by DEP|https://daa.playmining.com