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  • Q.What kind of game is it?

    It's a card battle game set in an alternate, job-centric world.
    The aim of the game is to have fun making money using crypto assets.
    Three approaches constitute the concept of “Play and Earn” in PlayMining’s first game “JobTribes”.

  • Q.How can I make money by playing a game?

    In the game, you will obtain items that can be converted into DEAPcoin, a kind of crypto asset.
    DEAPcoin can also be converted into other crypto assets and legal tender (such as US dollars) via an exchange, so you will find more opportunities to make money the more you play.

  • Q.Please tell me how to start the game and how to make a wallet.


  • Q.Is it free to play?

    The game itself is free to play. However, in order to purchase Digital Art, which grants a variety of in-game benefits, a transaction using the crypto asset DEAPcoin will be required. Note that any communication, connection, or other such fees shall also be borne by the customer. There are two ways to obtain DEAPcoin: 1. By playing this game. 2. By purchasing it from an exchange.

  • Q.Is the game age-restricted?

    The game itself is not age-restricted.
    However, crypto asset exchanges may independently set age restrictions on crypto asset transactions.

  • Q.What are the game's system requirements?

    System Requirements: [iOS] iPhone 7 or newer with iOS 11 or later. [Android] Android 5.0 or newer Recommended Browsers: Chrome, Safari Connection Speed: at least 10Mbps (both iOS and Android require a minimum 2GB of memory) *We do not guarantee the functionality of the above browsers and devices. May not function correctly due to factors such as network connection, browser version, device specifications, and/or usage of the app.

  • Q.When I close the browser, reload the page, or close the tab or window I have the game open in, my game data disappears.

    If you are using your browser's secret mode, your game progress will not be saved.
    Please ensure that you are not using this mode while playing JobTribes.

  • Q.Game will close due to instability.

    You may be using a browser other than the recommended browser.
    Please use Chrome or safari.


  • Q.What is blockchain?

    It is a type of technology that is used to manage transaction data for crypto assets.

  • Q.What is PlayMining?

    It is a platform for creating a new economy and culture based on the principle of "play to earn", through the use of games and other entertainment mediums. It is centered around Digital Art Auctions, where Digital Art transactions are conducted using the crypto asset DEAPcoin.

  • Q.What is DEAPcoin?

    It is a crypto asset used in Digital Art Auctions for Digital Art transactions.

    There are three ways to obtain DEAPcoin:
    1. By playing this game.
    2. By purchasing it from an exchange.
    3. By purchasing it from a store with a credit card.

  • Q.What is Digital Art?

    Beautiful pieces of unique digital artwork designed by creators all over the world, including by some of the most talented artists from Japan.
    Only a limited number of each piece of Digital Art is issued, and owners of these pieces will receive special benefits within the JobTribes game.
    Digital Art is also managed using blockchain technology.

  • Q.What does DAA mean?

    It stands for Digital Art Auction. It is where Digital Art transactions using the crypto asset DEAPcoin take place.

  • Q.What is DEAPcheck?

    It is an item that can be obtained in the JobTribes game.
    It can be exchanged for DEAPcoin if you have a Wallet linked to a PlayMining ID.

  • Q.What is PALEcoin?

    It is an in-game currency obtainable by playing the game.
    It will fluctuate according to your in-game actions.

  • Q.What is an Art Amulet?

    It is a stat boost an Amulet will receive if you possess a copy of the corresponding Digital Art.
    Amulets may be boosted up to 5 times from Digital Art.

    Digital Art may be purchased in Digital Art Auctions (https://daa.playmining.com/).
    *You will receive a copy of the corresponding Amulet just once after purchasing Digital Art.

    Amulets will only be boosted if they are of the same Job and color as the Digital Art.
    Additionally, if you possess multiple copies of the same Amulet, all copies will be boosted by the Digital Art.

  • Q.What is an Amulet?

    It is an amulet (card) status indicating that a piece of Digital Art is not owned.
    Can be obtained in-game, mostly via the Almighty Recruiter function.


  • Q.How do you win?

    If your opponent can no longer act (e.g. because you destroyed all their amulets (cards)), then you win.

  • Q.How many cards can I put in my deck?

    Decks contain six cards, three of which can be played at any one time.

  • Q.How do I build a deck?

    You can create and edit your decks from the DECK EDIT menu.

  • Q.What is Budget?

    Points that are automatically supplied at the beginning of battle.
    They are used to summon amulets (cards) and activate skills.

  • Q.What rarities are there?

    There are four rarities of amulets (cards):
    Legendary, Epic, Rare, and Common.

    Legendary amulets are the most valuable and have the most powerful skills.
    Epic amulets are second only to Legendary amulets in power.
    Rare amulets are more powerful than Common ones but less powerful than Epic amulets.
    Common amulets are the standard and most prevalent variety.

  • Q.What is an attribute?

    Attributes indicate the characteristic of each amulet (card).
    There are six types of attributes, and each one has an effective and ineffective pair attribute. They are as follows:

    Fire (Red): strong against Wood, weak against Water
    Wood (Green): strong against Water, weak against Fire
    Water (Blue): strong against Fire, weak against Wood
    Thunder (Yellow): strong against Poison, weak against Earth
    Poison (Purple): strong against Earth, weak against Thunder
    Earth (Orange): strong against Thunder, weak against Poison

  • Q.My Budget was depleted during battle.

    You can continue the battle by taking out a loan.
    (Refusing to take out a loan will result in your defeat.)

  • Q.What happens if I take out a loan?

    When you win the battle, the amount of your loan will be withdrawn from the PALEcoin you receive.
    However, the PALEcoin you receive will never have a negative value.
    Furthermore, your loan will not be carried over to the next battle if you lose.

  • Q.Placements in the rankings for points, PALEcoin, and wins may be different despite having the same results.

    The number of rewards for high-ranking players in ranking events is decided in advance.
    In the event multiple users produce the same result, rewards will be given in a first-come-first-serve basis in order of ranking.

  • Q.Results and placement may not update after completing ranking event quests.

    The rankings displayed during the event are preliminary figures.
    The preliminary figures and final results may be slightly different based on participation factors.


  • Q.What are Story Quests?

    These include Main Story quests written by Shin Kibayashi and quests featuring his manga.

  • Q.What is Almighty Recruiter?

    It is the menu where you can use the items you have obtained in-game to acquire amulets (cards).
    The amulets you can obtain are determined by chance, based on the materials you provide.


  • Q.What is a PlayMining ID?

    It is an ID required to use services provided by Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd.
    Currently, it is used for Digital Art Auctions (https://daa.playmining.com/) and JobTribes.

  • Q.What does Register mean?

    Register refers to the acquisition of a PlayMining ID. An e-mail address is all that is required to acquire a PlayMining ID. Registration is completed by agreeing to the Terms and entering your e-mail address on the Registration screen, and opening the link sent to your e-mail. However, the browser with which you open the link must be the same as the browser used to open the Register screen.
    *Registration cannot be completed using an in-application browser within an e-mail application.

  • Q.What does Log In mean?

    You are required to log in to play JobTribes and have your data saved on the server.
    To log in when you are logged out, you must use the same browser to open the URL contained within the e-mail sent to you. *You cannot log in using an in-application browser within an e-mail application.

  • Q.I can't Log In.

    Please confirm that your e-mail address has been entered correctly.
    If you are newly registering, or have logged out (cleared your browser cache), you will have to start the game using the URL sent to your e-mail.
    Additionally, if the Log In button is not displayed in the tab used to open the URL, please try pressing the Log In button again.

  • Q.Even though I've registered my PlayMining ID, the game starts from language select.

    If you've already registered a PlayMining ID and it still prompts you to select a language, select Log In by tapping the Support button at the bottom-left of the title screen when the game starts, and input your e-mail address. Starting the game by using the link in the e-mail you receive will enable you to continue playing.

  • Q.I can't find an Art Amulet I own the Digital Art for.

    Art Amulet information may be unobtainable during Digital Art Auction maintenance.
    Please check the current status of Digital Art Auctions and wait until the end of maintenance if it is in progress.

    If the information of the Digital Art can still not be obtained, please contact support through the following address.

  • Q.Opening the game in multiple tabs.

    When registering a PlayMining ID or logging in using a URL, the game will open in a tab separate from the one you were using before.
    As long as the tabs are in the same browser, you can still play the game.
    However, your browser may become unstable with multiple tabs open, so please close any unnecessary tabs while playing.

  • Q.About Data Transfers

    As this is a browser game, you can continue playing your game on any device simply by logging in with your PlayMining ID.
    We recommend linking your PlayMining ID to avoid losing data when clearing the cache.

  • Q.Terms of Service

    You can access the Terms of Service for this game via the link below.

  • Q.Privacy Policy

    You can access the Privacy Policy for this game via the link below.

  • Q.Contact Us

    If this FAQ does not resolve your issue, please contact us via the e-mail address below.
    Please be aware that we cannot respond to questions regarding game strategy.