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  • Q.How can I make money by playing a game?

    In the game, you will obtain items that can be converted into DEAPcoin, a kind of crypto asset.
    DEAPcoin can also be converted into other crypto assets and legal tender (such as US dollars) via an exchange, so you will find more opportunities to make money the more you play.

  • Q.Please tell me how to start the game and how to make a wallet.

    PlayMining ID is required to play the game.
    Please refer to the following article on how to create a PlayMining ID.

    To create a Wallet, please check below.

  • Q.Is it free to play?

    The game itself is free to play.
    However, in order to purchase NFT, which grants a variety of in-game benefits, a transaction using the crypto asset DEAPcoin will be required.
    Note that any communication, connection, or other such fees shall also be borne by the customer.

    There are two ways to obtain DEAPcoin:
    1:Play the game *DEP will be rewarded when you clear certain conditions.
    2:Purchase on the external crypto exchanges.
    3:Purchase at PlayMining NFT with a credit card.

  • Q.Is the game age-restricted?

    The game itself is not age-restricted.
    However, crypto asset exchanges may independently set age restrictions on crypto asset transactions.

  • Q.What are the game's system requirements?

    System Requirements: [iOS] iPhone 7 or newer with iOS 11 or later. [Android] Android 5.0 or newer Recommended Browsers: Chrome, Safari Connection Speed: at least 10Mbps (both iOS and Android require a minimum 2GB of memory) *We do not guarantee the functionality of the above browsers and devices. May not function correctly due to factors such as network connection, browser version, device specifications, and/or usage of the app.

  • Q.When I close the browser, reload the page, or close the tab or window I have the game open in, my game data disappears.

    If you are using your browser's secret mode, your game progress will not be saved.
    Please ensure that you are not using this mode while playing JobTribes.

  • Q.Game will close due to instability.

    You may be using a browser other than the recommended browser.
    Please use Chrome or safari.


  • Q.What is the NFT Lottery?

    The #NFT Lottery is an item that can be redeemed at the Labyrinth Shop by spending 'Labyrinth Coins'.
    With the NFT Lottery, the 'Archaeologist (Poison)' will be awarded as an Amulet or NFT with the following probabilities.
    Amulet - 95%.
    NFT - 5%.
    The results of the NFT Lottery will be disclosed right after the exchange at the shop.

  • Q.What is blockchain?

    It is a type of technology that is used to manage transaction data for crypto assets.

  • Q.What is PlayMining?

    It is a platform for creating a new economy and culture based on the principle of "play to earn", through the use of games and other entertainment mediums. It is centered around PlayMining NFT, where NFT transactions are conducted using the crypto asset DEAPcoin.

  • Q.What is DEAPcoin?

    It is a crypto asset used in PlayMining NFT for NFT transactions.

    There are three ways to obtain DEAPcoin:
    1:Play the game *DEP will be rewarded when you clear certain conditions.
    2:Purchase on the external crypto exchanges.
    3:Purchase at PlayMining NFT with a credit card.

  • Q.What is NFT?

    NFT is digital data that can be "owned" through blockchain technology. Just like assets in the real world, they can be traded, lent or borrowed. To trade NFTs, please visit the PlayMining NFT marketplace, to lend or borrow, please use the in-game Scholarship system.

  • Q.What does PlayMining NFT mean?

    It is where NFT transactions using the crypto asset DEAPcoin take place.

  • Q.What is DEAPcheck?

    It is an item that can be obtained in the JobTribes game.
    It can be exchanged for DEAPcoin if you have a Wallet linked to a PlayMining ID.

  • Q.What is PALEcoin?

    It is an in-game currency obtainable by playing the game.
    It will fluctuate according to your in-game actions.

  • Q.What is an Amulet?

    This refers to the JobTribe's character, Job Lord's card. In JobTribes, you can build a deck with six "Amulets" and play various contents.

  • Q.What is the difference between NFT and Amulet?

    By owning an NFT, the status of the corresponding Amulet will be enhanced in the JobTribes game for the number of NFTs held. The enhancement by NFT is reflected for up to five of the same type of Amulet. The NFT enhancement is effective only for the same color attribute of the same job. Additionally, if you own multiple Amulets of the same type, the effect of the NFT applies to all of them.

  • Q.What is the first-time purchase benefit for NFT?

    When you purchase JobTribes' NFT on "PlayMining NFT", the same type of Amulet will be sent to your JobTribes present box only for the first purchase.
    Please note that even if you purchase multiple NFTs of the same type, you can only receive one Amulet.


  • Q.How do you win?

    If your opponent can no longer act (e.g. because you destroyed all their amulets (cards)), then you win.

  • Q.How many cards can I put in my deck?

    Decks contain six cards, three of which can be played at any one time.

  • Q.How do I build a deck?

    You can create and edit your decks from the DECK EDIT menu.

  • Q.What is Budget?

    Points that are automatically supplied at the beginning of battle.
    They are used to summon amulets (cards) and activate skills.

  • Q.What rarities are there?

    There are four rarities of amulets (cards):
    Legendary, Epic, Rare, and Common.

    Legendary amulets are the most valuable and have the most powerful skills.
    Epic amulets are second only to Legendary amulets in power.
    Rare amulets are more powerful than Common ones but less powerful than Epic amulets.
    Common amulets are the standard and most prevalent variety.

  • Q.What is an attribute?

    Attributes indicate the characteristic of each amulet (card).
    There are six types of attributes, and each one has an effective and ineffective pair attribute. They are as follows:

    Fire (Red): strong against Nature, weak against Water
    Nature (Green): strong against Water, weak against Fire
    Water (Blue): strong against Fire, weak against Nature
    Thunder (Yellow): strong against Poison, weak against Earth
    Poison (Purple): strong against Earth, weak against Thunder
    Earth (Orange): strong against Thunder, weak against Poison

  • Q.My Budget was depleted during battle.

    You can continue the battle by taking out a loan.
    (Refusing to take out a loan will result in your defeat.)

  • Q.What happens if I take out a loan?

    When you win the battle, the amount of your loan will be withdrawn from the PALEcoin you receive.
    However, the PALEcoin you receive will never have a negative value.
    Furthermore, your loan will not be carried over to the next battle if you lose.

  • Q.Placements in the rankings for points, PALEcoin, and wins may be different despite having the same results.

    The number of rewards for high-ranking players in ranking events is decided in advance.
    In the event multiple users produce the same result, rewards will be given in a first-come-first-serve basis in order of ranking.

  • Q.Results and placement may not update after completing ranking event quests.

    The rankings displayed during the event are preliminary figures.
    The preliminary figures and final results may be slightly different based on participation factors.

  • Q.What is the timing for the effects of skill enhancements and reductions?

    ATK, DEF: The effects are reflected from the turn the skill is activated.
    SPD: Like ATK and DEF, skill effects take effect from the turn they’re activated. However, since action order is determined at the start of the turn, the effects are practically felt from the next turn.


  • Q.What is PvP Arena?

    This content offers PvP (real-time competition) with players from all over the world.
    Top ranking players will be rewarded with DEAPcoin, items, and other exciting rewards.

  • Q.What is Practice?

    Practice lets you get used to the rules of PvP by battling NPCs.
    You won't need to spend any stamina, but in return, you will also not receive any rewards.

  • Q.How does Matchmaking choose an opponent?

    Matchmaking randomly chooses a player close to your skill level.
    You cannot choose a specific opponent.

  • Q.What is the Time Limit?

    The Time Limit constitutes the amount of time you are allotted to carry out your actions.
    In PvP, you are given 20 seconds to conduct each of your actions.
    If you exceed the Time Limit, then your next action will be done automatically.

  • Q.How do you win in PvP?

    You will be awarded a victory if you fulfill any of the following requirements:
    -Destroy all of your opponent's amulets.
    -After 10 turns, have a higher Budget than your opponent.

    (If you and your opponent have the same Budget, the battle ends in a tie.)

  • Q.What happens if I lose in PvP?

    Your class will change according to the PvP points that increase or decrease as a result of the battles.
    Losing a battle results in the loss of some PvP points.
    However, even if you lose, you will still earn items, so we encourage you to participate actively.

  • Q.Is there a downside to taking out a loan in Matchmaking?

    There is no penalty to taking out a loan.
    If there isn't a clear winner after 10 turns, the player with the highest Budget, including any gained through a loan, will win.

  • Q.What are PvP points?

    PvP points are used to determine your PvP ranking and class, and are increased or decreased depending on the outcome of the battle.
    Classes will change according to the PvP points earned during the PvP period.
    Ranking rewards are determined by PvP points at the end of PvP.

  • Q.I can't play PvP anymore.

    If you disconnect during a match without tapping the white flag button, you will have to wait 5 minutes before starting another game. Disconnecting from a game also counts as a loss, so make sure you're playing in a place with a stable connection.

  • Q.What are Penalties?

    After Matchmaking has found you an opponent, if you disconnect before a winner can be determined, you will incur a 5-minute Penalty from playing another PvP match. The following message will be displayed at the bottom of the Home Screen when you are given a penalty.

    The PvP battle was ended improperly. You have been given a loss.

    *Penalties will be assigned when disconnecting by accident in addition to purposefully disconnecting. Please play in a place with a good connection.

  • Q.What is the class system?

    There are six classes: Class 0, Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, Class 4, and Class 5.
    Each class has its own achievement rewards, which can be earned by advancing to a higher class.
    The higher the class, the more precious the achievement rewards.

  • Q.What are Medals?

    Medals are titles that can be attained in PvP.
    You can find out how to acquire each one by the tapping on their icon.

    Acquiring medals will grant you rewards. You can customize your PvP profile with up to 3 medals.

  • Q.What is a PvP ticket?

    Exclusive tickets are required to challenge PvP and one ticket needed per battle.
    <Ticket types>
    PvP Free Ticket: Can be obtained through login bonuses, etc.
    PvP Premium Ticket: Can be purchased at the item shop.


  • Q.What is a promotion item?

    A promotion item is an item that can remove the level limit of an amulet.
    In order to use them, the amulet must have the same rarity and attribute, and the following number of promotion items are required depending on the level it can be raised to.
    ・You need one to level up from Lv20 to Lv30.
    ・You need two to level up from Lv30 to Lv40.
    ・You need three to level up from Lv40 to Lv50.

  • Q.How can I get the promotion items?

    Promotion items can be obtained from the in-game store by spending DEAPcoin.
    However, what is sold in the store are packs for each rarity, which contain three promotion items.
    In addition, the attributes of the three promotion items in the pack are random and cannot be selected.

  • Q.How do I use the promotion items?

    If you are in possession of a usable promotion item, you will be able to use it by selecting "Promotion Item" in the dialog that appears by pressing the promotion button from the amulet details screen.

    If you want to use it, you will need the following number of items, depending on your trainable level.
     ・You need one to level up from Lv20 to Lv30.
     ・You need two to level up from Lv30 to Lv40.
     ・You need three to level up from Lv40 to Lv50.

    Also, if you have the required number of items, you can promote multiple times at once.
    For example, if you have 6 promotion items available, you can go from having no promotion to having ★3 at once.

  • Q.Can I select my favorite rarity or attribute to purchase?

    Promotion items are only sold in random packs by rarity.
    You can choose the rarity, but not the attributes.

  • Q.What is the NFT Quest?

    This is a special quest that can only be attempted with a deck of six NFT-enhanced amulets.
    (For convenience, it is referred to as the 6-NFT deck.)
    You will be rewarded with DEAPchecks.

  • Q.What are the requirements for participating in the NFT quests?

    There are three types of NFT quests. Each can be challenged with a "6-Rare-NFT deck", a "6-Epic-NFT deck" or a "6-Legendary-NFT deck".
    If you don't have the specific NFTs or mix amulets of different rarities, you cannot challenge the quests, so please arrange your deck to take part.
    By using the Scholarship system, you can borrow NFT-enhanced amulets from the Owner and become a Scholar, but in that case, all DEAPchecks earned will be sent to the Owner.

  • Q.How do I receive the DEAPcoin I earn from the NFT quests?

    DEAPcheck obtained by completing the NFT quest should be received from the present box.
    Note: Once you have received your DEAPcheck, please exchange it into DEAPcoin within the exchange period from the dedicated page on the home screen.
    Note: With the Scholarship system, all DEAPchecks earned while you are a Scholar will be sent to the Owner.

  • Q.Can I try as many times as I want every day?

    NFT quests can be attempted once a day. There are 15 stages for each of the three NFT quests, so you have a chance to try up to 45 stages per day and earn 45 DEAPchecks.

  • Q.I did not receive a DEAPcheck.

    Case 1: With the Scholarship system, all DEAPchecks earned while you are a Scholar will be sent to the Owner.
    Case 2: When the remaining DEAPcheck rewards are low, a warning message will appear before you challenge the quest. Please wait and try the quest later.


  • Q.What is the Scholarship System?

    The Scholarship system allows you to borrow and lend NFT-enhanced amulets in the game.
    A user who owns a JobTribes NFT and lends out NFT-enhanced amulets in the game is called an Owner.
    A user who borrows NFT-enhanced amulets in game is called a Scholar by the Owner.
    Scholars can use the amulets, enhanced with the borrowed NFTs in the game as if they own them.
    However, all DEAPchecks earned in the game during your time as a Scholar (while borrowing enhanced amulets from the Owner) will be sent to the Owner.

    The only functions provided by the Scholarship system are the lending and borrowing of NFT-enhanced amulets in the game, and the aggregation of DEAPchecks obtained by the Scholar under the Owner.
    The JobTribes management team will not be involved in the exchange of remuneration between the Owner and the Scholar, so please take responsibility for your own actions.

  • Q.How do I use Scholarship? How do I become an Owner or a Scholar?

    At the very beginning, please click on the Scholarship function button on the JobTribes home page to go to the dedicated website.
    The Owner should press the "Become an Owner" button, enter the PlayMiningID of the user who will be the Scholar, and then select the NFT serial corresponding to the amulet to be loaned.
    The Scholar should make sure that the Owner is ready, then press "Become a Scholar" and enter the Owner's PlayMiningID.
    Be sure to complete the preparations on the Owner side before starting the work on the Scholar side.

    Once the initial registration is complete, the Scholarship feature button on the JobTribes home screen will take you to the Owner and Scholar home screens.

  • Q.What will happen to the items and DEAPchecks earned in the game when using the Scholarship?

    All items acquired in the game, except for DEAPcheck, will be sent to the Scholar's present box as usual and can be acquired as is.
    However, all DEAPchecks earned in-game during your time as a Scholar will be sent to the Owner.
    The DEAPcheck that will be sent to the Owner will be all that is obtained from NFT quests, PvP ranking rewards, Lotteries, Payday Events, etc.

  • Q.How do I terminate the Scholarship?

    A cancellation button is available on the Owner and Scholar home screens.
    The cancellation from the Owner will take place three days after the application date (00:00 UTC).
    The cancellation from the Scholar will take place seven days after the application date. However, if the Owner agrees, it will take place three days after the agreement (00:00 UTC).


  • Q.What are Story Quests?

    These include Main Story quests written by Shin Kibayashi and quests featuring his manga.

  • Q.What is Almighty Recruiter?

    It is the menu where you can use the items you have obtained in-game to acquire amulets (cards).
    The amulets you can obtain are determined by chance, based on the materials you provide.


  • Q.What is a PlayMining ID?

    It is an ID required to use services provided by Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd.
    Currently, it is used for PlayMining NFT (https://daa.playmining.com/) and JobTribes.

  • Q.What does Register mean?

    Register refers to the acquisition of a PlayMining ID.
    An e-mail address is all that is required to acquire a PlayMining ID.
    On the PlayMining NFT "Sign-up" page, please agree to the Terms of Use and enter your email address. After receiving a one-time code in your mailbox, please enter the code and register your password to complete your registration.

  • Q.What does Log In mean?

    In order to continue playing with the "JobTribes" data stored on the server, you are required to log in.
    To log in from a logged out state, please enter your email address to obtain a one-time code. Login will be completed by entering the one-time code and the password.
    *When you log in, you will be transferred from JobTribes to PlayMining NFT.

  • Q.I can't Log In.

    Please make sure that you have entered the registered email address correctly.
    Also, please confirm that you have entered the correct one-time code from the email and that your password is accurate.

  • Q.Even though I've registered my PlayMining ID, the game starts from language select.

    When the title screen appears, select "Continue to Play" and enter your email address.

  • Q.I can't find an NFT I own the NFT for.

    Try reacquiring NFT information by pressing the button labeled "NFT" in the footer menu button at the bottom of the home screen.
    If NFT is not displayed even after performing the above operations, it may not be possible to obtain NFT information during maintenance of PlayMining NFT.
    Please check the operating status of PlayMining NFT and wait until the maintenance is completed. If the NFT information is not shown in other situations, please contact us at the following address.

  • Q.I don't understand how to get my first-time-purchase bonus after purchasing NFT.

    Bonuses for purchasing NFT in the PlayMining NFT can be obtained by following the steps outlined below:

    1. Tap the NFT button found on the JobTribes home screen.
    2. Follow the instructions on screen and tap Receive, then Close.
    3. The bonus will be sent to your Present Box. Use the Receive or Receive All buttons to receive your bonus.

  • Q.Opening the game in multiple tabs.

    When registering a PlayMining ID or logging in using a URL, the game will open in a tab separate from the one you were using before.
    As long as the tabs are in the same browser, you can still play the game.
    However, your browser may become unstable with multiple tabs open, so please close any unnecessary tabs while playing.

  • Q.About Data Transfers

    As this is a browser game, you can continue playing your game on any device simply by logging in with your PlayMining ID.
    We recommend linking your PlayMining ID to avoid losing data when clearing the cache.

  • Q.Terms of Service

    You can access the Terms of Service for this game via the link below.

  • Q.Privacy Policy

    You can access the Privacy Policy for this game via the link below.

  • Q.Contact Us

    If this FAQ does not resolve your issue, please contact us via the e-mail address below.
    Please be aware that we cannot respond to questions regarding game strategy.