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Participation applications and voting for the audition is now closed.

Top cosplayers from around the world will take part to battle it out for recognition as a JobTribes official cosplayer. Users throughout the world will be the judges!

Application & voting period

12 midnight (GMT) on January 29 - 1:00 P.M. (GMT) on May 26, 2020

Audition details

Cosplayers will appear on the live streaming program, "PlayMining TV," and PR videos made by the participants themselves, as well as engage in activities on social media. Users will be allowed to vote once a day via the JobTribes website and the cosplayers will be ranked and awarded prize money according to the total number of votes. The two official cosplayers will be chosen from among the top five, with the final decision made by the project judges. During the four-month voting period, the live streaming program, "PlayMining TV," will be shown around once a week to rouse interest in the on-going status of voting. Candidates can take part in the audition any time during this voting period. (Of course, the later they leave it, the greater their disadvantage will be, but there is always the possibility of an upset victory)

Audition schedule

Deadline for entries: No deadline User voting period: January 20 - May 26 Winner chosen: May 26 Award giving ceremony: Mid-to-late June (at an event in Indonesia)

Prize money

1st: DEAPcoin equivalent to USD 10,000 / Enter contest to choose official cosplayer 2nd: DEAPcoin equivalent to USD 5,000 / Enter contest to choose official cosplayer 3rd: DEAPcoin equivalent to USD 3,000 / Enter contest to choose official cosplayer 4th - 5th: DEAPcoin equivalent to USD 1,000 / Enter contest to choose official cosplayer

6th - 10th: DEAPcoin equivalent to USD 500 Other prizes: "Monthly Awards for Excellence" will be awarded along with DEAPcoin equivalent to USD 1,000 to one person every month chosen by the organizer

*To be calculated at a designated exchange at UTC +00:00 on May 31 *To be credited to the winners' wallets during the award giving ceremony by DEA Pte. Ltd. *DEA Pte. Ltd. will provide support in setting up a wallet.

Activities that official cosplayers are expected to engage in

They will appear at promotional events and in programs. Photos of them will also appear in the game as cards! They will also be given a part of the profits from sales of cards through Digital Art Auction as royalty!

How to apply

Application Requirements

- People who like to cosplay.
- People of all nationalities, professional and amateurs alike.

Information Required to Apply (Mandatory. Information Marked with Asterisks May Be Posted onto Website)

Provide the following information in the entry form and send to via e-mail:
- Name used for the audition (nickname allowed)*.
- Provide “kana” for names written in “kanji” characters*.
- Let us know if there are any other writing requirements depending on where you come from.
- E-mail address.
- This will be used by the organizers to communicate with the applicant, so be sure to provide a valid address.
- Nationality*.
- Self-introduction (around 200 letters)*.
- Photograph (one main photo, and up to four smaller ones)*.
- Social media (links for up to three accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Weibo or Instagram)*.
- Let us know if you wish to post links to any social media other those mentioned above.
- Let us know which of the 17 themes you plan to cosplay in. The theme may be changed later.

Details of Activities and Points to Beware of

You must agree to the following before applying. - Materials sent through the application may be used to introduce entrants on “PlayMining TV,” an online program to be shown every week. There is also the possibility of entrants being asked to appear in the program.
- After entering, applicants will be asked to choose and make a costume for one of the characters in the 17 themes chosen by the organizers.
- The costumes can be made alone or with the help of others, or even be custom made by professionals.
- Costumes must be finished by the end of the voting period. Entrants will be asked to submit photos of themselves wearing the completed costumes before the end of the voting period.
- Entrants may complete their costumes early, and use the rest of the time to promote themselves wearing the costumes, or they may start making a costume for a second character.
- After entering, applicants will be asked to cooperate in providing one PR video each of themselves, every week. The videos will be posted onto, or used on, the special site set up for this project, as well as the official YouTube channel, bilibili video channel, and other social media.
- Users will watch the videos every week and vote to decide who is most suited becoming the official cosplayer.
- Use of personal information. The company shall use the personal information obtained for the following purposes:
(1) To send notices and various information regarding the audition.
(2) To communicate with and provide support to participants.
(3) All registered information shall be stored and managed appropriately in accordance with the company’s privacy policy.
Privacy policy

- Numerous cases have been reported of applicants not receiving our e-mails due to the security settings on their mailers. People are asked to verify their security settings with their ISPs, and make sure they are able to receive PC e-mails sent from “”


A cryptoasset issued by Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd. responsible for running JobTribes. It is the only currency that can be used to purchase digital art at "Digital Art Auction," a marketplace run by DEA Pte. Ltd.

<PlayMining TV>

Begin on January 29, 2020. An entertainment information program streamed via a YouTube channel. It will provide original content and a platform for delivering the latest information, such as that on the "Official JobTribes Cosplayer Audition" run in conjunction with the World Cosplay Summit.

The first-generation official cosplayer,
SeeU, will take part in this project as a support ambassador.




From China. Cosplayer.

She currently has 3.5 million followers on Weibo. She works as an illustrator. She is involved in extensive projects designing characters for Vtubers, games, etc.

Photo of her at work