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Profession:French Chef(Nature)
Creator :ume
▼About the Artist
Japanese manga artists. A manga artist duo consisting of Takahiro Ozawa, who is in charge of the scenario, and Asako Seo, who is in charge of drawing. They made their debut in 2001 with the serialization of “Chabudai Kenta” in “Morning”. Their known works include “Giga Tokyo Toy Box”, “Nangoku Tom Sawyer”, and “Kyokuman”. Currently, “Tokyo Toy Box Series”, which depicts the world of e-sports, is being serialized as well as “Nibun no Ikuji”, a child-care autobiographical comic. Ozawa was also in charge of the script for “Maginga Zetto/ Infinity The Movie” which was released in 2018.
▼About the Artwork
An illustration drawn by Ume, a manga artist duo, known for “Giga Tokyo Toy Box” and “Nangoku Tom Sawyer”.

French culinary magicians who have gained experience and learned techniques in many restaurants. The person who gets the title of head chef will be the leader of the elite unit brigade de cuisine.
▼Initial skill
【Magnificent: Poisson & Viand】Lowers the DEF of one enemy and deals immense damage to 1 enemy.Lasts 3 turns.

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