JobTribes“PvP Arena Ranking Battles!


Compete to rank well with PvP Arena points collected during this period.If you take 1st place, you will be eligible to participate in the championship scheduled for August.
This time, the HP and recovery effect of all Amulets will increase by a certain factor, and the battle will be on a special stage where the Nature and Earth attributes will be further enhanced.

【PvP Arena special rules】
・HP of all amulets is 1.5 times more.
・The effects of recovery skills are all 1.5 times more.
・ATK of Nature attribute and Earth attribute is 1.2 times more.
・You cannot use your debt until the end of 3 turns.
・Support Skill cannot be used until the end of 3 turns.
・If you use “debt”, your reward will decrease.
If you win the PvP Arena ranking match, you will be made a “Winner Original NFT(COMMON)”.
However, if you are ranked first for the second time, the user’s “original NFT (RARE)” will be produced, and only in that case, will we also produce an original NFT (Common) for the second place user.

【Period】July 31st(Sat)14:00(UTC+8)〜August 1st (Sun) 13:59(UTC+8)
【Result announcement】August 2nd (Mon)
※The special rules will change every month

1st 1,000,000 DEP+10,000 PALEcoin
2nd 300,000 DEP+10,000 PALEcoin
3rd 100,000 DEP+10,000 PALEcoin
4th-10th 50,000 DEP+10,000 PALEcoin
11th〜20th 10,000 DEP+10,000 PALEcoin
21th〜30th 5,000 DEP+10,000 PALEcoin
31th〜100th 100,000 PALEcoin
101th〜10,000th 50,000 PALEcoin
200th、300th、400th、500th、600th、700th、800th、900th、1,000th:Recruitment materials 1000pieces× 4colors
One in-game Amulet ” RARE:Nail Technician(Water)” will be given to users within the 10,000th ranking!
Please give it a try!

*DEAPcoin is not available for sale to residents of Japan.