Battle in a fantasy world
on the theme of occupation!

An outlook・Story

Ryu Niito, a very ordinary young boy, finds his way into a strange world by accident. There, jobs exist as gods, and people control these Job Lords to battle each other in this fantasy world, “Job World”. Through his adventures with a mysterious girl called Celica, other unique friends, and many Job Lords, Niito discovers his destiny and the hidden mysteries of this world.


A supreme presence that embodies “eternal” and “unlimited” value. It is said that your wishes can come true if you collect a lot.


It is a lower presence that is a way of obtaining DEAPcoin. Collecting PALEcoin and attaining DEAPcoin is the purpose of everyone living in the JobTribes world.


A boy who entered the Job World as a result of a traffic accident. Unemployed but has ability to make Job Lords from multiple occupation gods.  


The first unemployed girl Niito meets in the Job World. They work together, knowing that Niito came from the “original world”.  


A mysterious person who helps Niito and Celica when they were being attacked by the Dark Worker Tribe. He collects PALEcoin while accompanied with his followers.  

Occupational God “Idol”

A high-ranking occupational god, which is known as an Art Amulet, that Niito comes across when arriving in the Job World.